Alphonso Davies Girlfriend – Is the Canadian in a Relationship?

Bayern Munich’s Alphonso Davies has risen through the ranks of soccer to become one of the most highly talented athletes in his position.

The 22-year-old came from humble beginnings, having ascended through the Vancouver Whitecaps youth academy in Canada before earning a big time move to the German Bundesliga champions.

Fair play to Davies, as he’s taken that transfer in his stride and cemented his place as the senior team’s first choice left back.

Not only has his career growth been a win for himself and his family, as it’s also proved quite fruitful for his nation Canada, who will be competing in this year’s edition of the FIFA World Cup in Qatar.

Alphonso will be Canada’s talisman and many supporters will be hoping  he and his team mates make a good account of themselves at soccer’s biggest and most competitive international tournament.

Anyway, this article isn’t particularly concerned with Alphonso Davies’ soccer exploits.

In fact, far from it!

This post will be taking a closer look at the player’s love life, starting with a determination of whether the Canadian has or doesn’t have a girlfriend.

So, let’s cut right to the chase.

Alphonso Davies does not have a girlfriend at the time of writing. Davies and his former partner Jordyn Huitema recently separated after almost five years of being together in a relationship.

Now, let’s dig further into the details of this topic.


Does Alphonso Davies currently have a girlfriend?

Alphonso Davies is quite clearly a good-looking man that would have little to no trouble finding a potential female partner.

After all, the Canadian is financially well off and has the fitness of a professional athlete to match.

Unfortunately, Alphonso Davies and his former partner Jordyn Huitema called an end to their five-year long relationship in May of this year.

The Bayern Munich man confirmed this via his personal Twitter account, which you can see from the embed below:

So, Alphonso Davies is currently a single man who appears ready and confident to mingle, especially if you judge his personality and character from some of his video streams on Twitch.

Seriously, check those out because they’re great fun.


How long were Alphonso and Jordyn together?

The pair had been together as a couple since September 2017, which is a very long time!

Can you imagine being with someone for almost five years?

That’s a lot of commitment, so fair play must be given to Alphonso and Jordyn for all those years that they invested in one another.


What does Jordyn Huitema do for a living?

What’s quite interesting about the pair is that they both share an interest in soccer.

Alphonso and Jordyn are both professional athletes that play for their country Canada.

However, unlike Alphonso, Jordyn plays much further up the pitch as a center forward for National Women’s Soccer League club OL Reign.

alphonso davies girlfriend - former partner jordyn huitema

She decided to turn her back against college and pursue professional soccer back in 2019, signing a four-year contract with French club Paris Saint Germain Féminine.

Jordyn played a pivotal part in the team’s league success, as she scored a header in the closing minutes of a fixture against Dijon Football Côte d’Or which sealed the Division 1 Féminine title for Paris Saint-Germain.

That was the first league title in the women’s team’s history.  

Check out the video compilation below, which showcases all of her best moments on the field:


How did Alphonso Davies and Jordyn Huitema meet?

The two are said to have met whilst still in their teenage years through a soccer training session.

It cannot be confirmed whether this meeting took place at Davies’ former club – Vancouver Whitecaps – or if the initial encounter happened while the two were on international duty for their country Canada.

What we do know is that the pair soon became inseparable, as they took a great liking to each other and cemented a friendship almost immediately.

Here’s what Jordyn had to say about Alphonso a few years back:

“I feel like we’re just best friends… in a way like we grew up together. We know when we’re at our lows and when we’re at our highs”

Source – South China Morning Post


Why did the pair end their relationship?

Now, it’s always sad to hear when a couple parts ways after being together for so long, but sometimes break ups are needed in order for the involved parties to better themselves.

Alphonso didn’t disclose the reason why they parted ways, as he only went on to say that the split was an amicable one and that he has a lot of respect for Jordyn.

The video below does try and give some additional insight into the nature of their split, but one should question the overall reliability and credibility of the information it delivers.

Here’s the footage:


How old is Jordyn Huitema?

Jordyn is still relatively young, as she’s only 21 years of age.

She was born on the 8th of May 2001.

Older generations of soccer fans actually find it pretty astounding whenever they see so-called millennials playing professional soccer on their television screens, myself included!

Fair play to Jordyn for pursuing this career path.


Is Jordyn Huitema single?

Following her breakup with Alphonso Davies in May 2022, Jordyn already looks to be back in the dating scene.

She is said to be in a relationship with another professional sports athlete – Julio Rodriguez – who is a Seattle Mariners baseball player.


Closing thoughts

That brings us to the end of this topic on whether Alphonso Davies has a girlfriend.

At this time, we do know that the Canadian separated from his former partner Jordyn Huitema although there isn’t much information online indicating whether Davies has started seeing somebody else.

This article will be updated in the future if such news becomes available.

For now, we’ll leave it at that and direct you to a similar post concerning an American soccer player.

Happy reading!

Samuel Waihenya
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