Are Soccer Socks Compression Socks?

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It’s easy to think soccer socks and compression socks are the same thing, particularly if you’re someone who’s just getting into the sport or starting to understand general fitness concepts.

For one, these two types of socks have a similar appearance.

They are knee-high in length, and when worn they provide a tight fit for the legs.

When such similarities come into play, you might not be able to distinguish what makes these socks different from each other.

That’s why in this article, we’ll be answering the commonly asked question of whether soccer socks are actually the same as compression socks.

As always, we’ll start with a brief summary.

are soccer socks compression socks - no they are not the same

Soccer socks are not the same as compression socks. Soccer socks are primarily designed to offer athletes protection to different areas of the leg by keeping shin guards in place. Meanwhile, compression socks are built with tightness in mind, which boosts blood circulation in the legs so as to prevent swelling and muscle fatigue.


What is the difference between compression socks and soccer socks?

Now that you’re aware that these identical products serve different purposes, let’s look at how they deviate from each other in more granular detail.


1. Leg protection

With soccer being a contact sport, certain areas of the body need additional protection.

Players contest for the ball aerially as well as along the ground, which means that anyone taking part in this sport can pick up an injury due to something like a crunching tackle.

Soccer socks are therefore designed with this injury risk in mind.

They are of knee-high length to ensure that shin guards – be it strap on or slip in ones – can fit seamlessly between the player’s legs and the socks themselves.

Just so you know, shin guards are a compulsory piece of soccer equipment that must be covered entirely by socks according to the rules of the sport.

Even more so, professionals playing at the highest level must wear them at all times during matches.

So, to sum it up…

Soccer socks are first and foremost worn to safeguard athletes from serious injury, as the length they offer allows shin guards to be placed in between them and the legs as a protective barrier.


2. Warmth

Another aspect where soccer socks differ from compression socks is the fabric that’s used to make them.

For soccer socks, the material construction has to be good at retaining heat, because of the chilly weather conditions that athletes typically play in.

Have you ever been to a soccer stadium for an evening fixture?

It’s usually freezing cold, particularly if you’re located within Europe.

Soccer players need to keep their legs warm as they compete, which is where these socks come in by offering the warmth they need to go about their business in a comfortable way.


3. Tightness

Most importantly, compression socks are dissimilar to soccer socks when it comes to the amount of pressure that they put on the legs.

Don’t get me wrong, the latter can be tight, as the hyperlinked article clearly explains.

But compression socks offer a more advanced level of tightness that has significant performance benefits for the athlete.

You see, what happens is that compression socks apply gentle pressure to your legs and ankles, which helps to promote blood flow from your legs to your heart.

are soccer socks compression socks - no because they typically do not offer boost in blood circulation for leg muscles

The quote below from foot surgeon Georgeanne Botek, explains how the increased pressure in the tissues beneath the skin helps improve blood flow:

“This reduces excess leakage of fluid from the capillaries, and it increases the absorption of this tissue fluid by the capillaries and lymphatic vessels. It also reduces the ability of superficial veins to expand in order to fill with blood, which prevents that blood from flowing backwards and causing congestion.”

Source – Cleveland Clinic Health Essentials

Subsequently, an athlete wearing compression socks will experience less muscle fatigue as they engage in physical activity, because the compression helps with recovery times as well as preventing muscle swelling.


Are soccer socks good for compression?

Although many brands tack on muscle compression as an added feature when it comes to the soccer socks that they produce, you won’t get the best compression out of them.

They’re simply not purpose built to fill that need.

You’d be much better off buying compression socks specifically designed for this purpose.

Here are a couple of options on Amazon that are worth checking out:

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