Barcelona Transfer Reliability Guide

There is certainly a strong debate for Barcelona being voted as one of the best teams to ever play the game.

With a star studded playing squad, the Catalan giants are bound to steal some of the headlines during the summer and winter transfer windows.

Think about all the stories that Lionel Messi, Sergio Aguero and Antoinne Griezmann can attract, as they’re bound to be in the media spotlight for one reason or another during the season.

So, football fans following the club will want a good measure of definitiveness when it comes to the topic of Barcelona transfer reliability.

I’ve managed to put together a useful tier guide which ranks each journalist and media source that reports for the club.

Alright, let’s take a look at the list – which has been updated for 2023:


Barcelona transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.fcbarcelona.comTier 0
Alfredo MartinezOnda CeroTier 1
Edu PoloMundo DeportivoTier 1
Achraf Ben AyadbeIN SportsTier 1
Xavi CamposCatRadioTier 1
Catalunya RadioSpainTier 1
Lluis CanutTV3Tier 2
Oriol DomenechCatRadioTier 2
TV3 CatSpainTier 2
Cadena SERSpainTier 2
RAC1SpainTier 2
Sique RodriguezCadena SERTier 2
Roger SaperasRAC1Tier 2
Roger ArbusaCatRadioTier 2
Raul LlimosRAC1Tier 2
Miguel RicoMundo DeportivoTier 2
Marcelo BechlerEsporte InterativoTier 2
Gerard RomeroRAC1Tier 2
Fabrizio RomanoItalyTier 2
Bruno AlemanyCadena SERTier 2
Albert RogeSPORTTier 3
Mohamed BouhafsiRMC SportTier 3
Marcal LlorenteMundo DeportivoTier 3
Gianluca Di MarzioItalyTier 3
Ferran MartinezMundo DeportivoTier 3
Fernando PoloMundo DeportivoTier 3
Moises LlorensESPNTier 3
Roger TorelloMundo DeportivoTier 3
SPORTSpainTier 3
Mundo DeportivoSpainTier 3
COPESpainTier 3
ASSpainTier 4
MARCASpainTier 4
Guillem BalagueSky Sports / FreelanceTier 4
Fransesc AguilarMundo DeportivoTier 4
The MirrorUnited KingdomTier 4
TuttosportItalyTier 4
Tancredi PalmeriN/ATier 5
90min.comUnited KingdomTier 5
Daily MailUnited KingdomTier 5
BILDGermanyTier 5
Diario Gol-Tier 5
Don BalonSpainTier 5
The SunUnited KingdomTier 5
Daily StarUnited KingdomTier 5

You’ll quickly see that there aren’t many surprises when it comes to the sources sat in tier 1.

Ben Ayad, Alfredo Martínez, Edu Polo and Xavi Campos have retained their positions as the top journalists to follow when it comes to Barcelona transfer news.

Although there has been a new addition with Catalunya Radio having been added to this esteemed group.


Is Onda Cero reliable?

Now this is a good question to answer.

It’s important to distinguish between Onda Cero as a radio network and specific journalists that work for them, as the degree of reliability varies between them.

You can clearly see from the tier guide above that Onda Cero as a whole is listed in tier 3.

However, Alfredo Martínez who works for Onda Cero is in tier 1.

So, be careful when reading stories published by this media outlet, as coverage from other members of their team is not likely to be in the top tier of trustworthiness unless it comes from Mr. Martínez himself.


Concluding offer

Now that you can see which journalists and media outlets are present under Barcelona’s classification, there’s something that I think would be of interest to you.

As you’re aware of the tier scale, you know that different journalists report on transfer news for different teams.

So, for example, Fabrizio Romano might rank in Tier 2 for AC Milan transfer news but performs less effectively when breaking news for a club like Manchester City with a Tier 3 ranking assigned to him.

What if you had a document that could provide you tier rankings for each one of Europe’s biggest clubs?

Well, there’s good news because we’ve got just the solution for you!

Have a look at our Transfer Tier of Reliability eBook which is the central guide piece to the current age of soccer transfer window speculation.

We’ve eliminated the painstaking hours of research for you by compiling a comprehensive Tier 1 to Tier 5 breakdown of the reliability of the world’s sports journalists and media outlets.

The teams included in this guide consist of the English Premier League’s traditional top six clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain.

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