The Best Astro Turf Boots for Playing Football on Artificial Ground [2023 Buying Guide]

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Five-a-side pickup games will always be a part of UK footballing culture.

For the avid football fanatic there are fewer things greater than going to watch your team play live at the stadium, be it at home or as part of an away day.

Playing the sport with friends however, does come close.

There’s just so much to love about five-a-side clashes, from the crunching tackles that go unchecked due to the lack of a referee; to the venomous shots struck into the top corners in the absence of spectators.

I chose to publish this detailed product roundup as there’s no doubt that people like me will be looking for a good pair of astro boots to wear.

To get straight to the point, here’s how we’ve ranked the top options:





Our #1 Rated

Adidas Mundial Team Astro Turf Boots

  • EVA insole

  • Quick drying synthetic lining


Best Value

Puma Men's King Astro Turf Boots

  • CELL shock absorption

  • EverRide outer sole


Best Budget 

Gola Rey Vx Men's Football Training Shoes

  • Non-marking sole unit

  • Synthetic leather upper


Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Astro Turf Boots

  • Full lace fastening

  • Ridged instep


Nike Mercurial Superfly X6 Academy Football Boots

  • Rubber studs

  • Fabric and synthetic upper


To summarise the findings, the Adidas Mundial Team, Unisex Adult Astro Turf Boots are my top pick, followed closely by the Puma Men's King All Round Astro Turf Boots.

As a player myself, I actually now prefer to wear astro turf boots as opposed to proper football boots whenever I’m set to participate.

Here’s a quick look at my small collection (apologies for the poor lighting!):

best astro turf boots - my personal tiempo collection

What can I say…

I just LOVE Tiempos!

Anyway, now let’s move on to the individual reviews.


1. Adidas Mundial Team Astro Turf Boots

Adidas Mundial Team, Unisex Astro Turf Boots
  • Full grain leather upper for comfort and soft feel
  • EVA insole for comfort
  • Quick-drying synthetic lining

These Adidas Mundial astro boots are nothing short of iconic.

Adapted from the legendary Copa Mundial Football Boots, they are made of split suede with the EVA midsole and traction sole designed for use on synthetic surfaces.

The expert composition of the leather and the split suede provides players with fantastic levels of cushioning comfort.

In the last 20 odd years, these shoes have served as a reference model for footballers from all walks of life and it is a testament to their quality that they are the first recommendation on my list.


  • With every wear this shoe adapts to the shape of the wearer’s feet, which is important as it decreases the likelihood of blisters forming
  • They offer excellent traction on multiple surfaces and slipping is not an issue on wet surfaces
  • Very comfortable to wear even with thick socks
  • The quality and craftsmanship of recent editions of this shoe is questionable since Adidas’ manufacturing switch from Germany to Indonesia, with the sole along the back heel of the shoe said to be prone to peeling off
  • Warranty only covers the first month of usage

You could also check out the Adidas Kaiser 5 Astro Turf trainers which are a fantastic alternative for those on a tighter budget.


2. Puma Men’s King Top Tt Football Boots

Puma Men's King All Round Astro Turf Boots
  • Fine leather - for added ball control.
  • Sole with CELL shock absorption. Gently cushions your steps. Also goes easy on the joints.
  • Outer sole with EverRide. Additional shock absorption. For every step.

Next up is this pair of Puma Kings.

The company has been in the limelight recently, with Brazilian sensation Neymar becoming the German sportswear brand’s flagship superstar after leaving a Nike partnership that spanned 15 years.

This 100% leather composed shoe can be used on both hard-natural turf and any artificial surface.

What’s more, is that the sole is made up of gum rubber and comes with shock absorption functionality that gives the wearer’s feet much better cushioning and joint support than other types of football boots.


  • Great for people with wide feet or high arches
  • These offer good levels of ankle support in comparison with other Astro Turf boots
  • The sides of the shoe are made up of a good soft leather that allows for easier foot movement and takes pressure off of the little toes
  • Durability is slightly questionable with reported cases of sole splits, seam tears and frayed laces after few weeks of use

If you’re after a Puma alternative you should have a look at the Puma Men's King Top Tt Football Boots which are cheaper than the ones I’ve reviewed above.


3. Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Football Shoe

Nike Phantom Vision 2 Academy Astro Turf Boots
  • Full lace fastening
  • Marke:Nike
  • Ridges on the instep

A football related product roundup would rarely be complete without a Nike product recommendation.

The sportswear juggernaut makes fantastic products that offer comfort, performance and style all in a bundle!

These Nike Phantom Vision shoes have been carefully constructed with a mesh upper that comes with a NIKESKIN overlay that provides a snug fit for the wearer that conforms to their feet.

Asymmetrical lacing is partly covered by an elastic-like mesh that expands the striking area to enable consistently clean contact and increased precision when the wearer strikes the ball.

Additionally, these shoes sport a honeycomb textured upper that is said to aid with the wearer’s first touch when they attempt to control the ball with their feet.

Lastly, the moulded ridges on the instep are said to provide increased power and curve when the foot comes into contact with the ball.


  • Built with the performance of the end user in mind, as it caters well to elements of the game like ball control and shooting
  • Said to be unsuitable for people with wider feet


4. Gola Rey Vx Mens Football Training Shoes

Gola Rey Training Shoes
  • A classically styled turf trainer ideal for artificial grass and hard ground surfaces
  • The non-marking sole unit makes it perfect for play on a range of surfaces
  • Lightweight, durable synthetic leather upper

Gola is a brand that not many readers will have heard of until today’s article.

But I can assure you that they have made a quality pair of AstroTurf boots here.

This retro-styled trainer incorporates a faux leather upper featuring quilted effect stitching.

More so, the non-marking sole unit makes it versatile which is great if you intend to play on different surfaces.


  • The fitting size is well standardised, whilst the same cannot be said for other brands where you often have to go a size up or down to get the correct fit
  • The design caters well to those with wider feet
  • Not as durable as other shoes with the outsole prone to coming apart after only a few months of wear


5. Nike Mercurial Superfly X 6 Academy Football Boots

Nike Mercurial Superfly X6 Academy Football Boots
  • Fabric and synthetic upper wraps the foot for a second-skin-like feel
  • Turf (TF) outsole has rubber studs for traction on synthetic surfaces
  • Heel lining grips the foot and helps hold the boot in place

Last up we have the Nike Mercurial Superfly.

They feature a contoured sock liner that provides excellent low-profile cushioning for the wearer.

Furthermore, the heel lining of the shoe is designed to grip the foot firmly and keep it in place while the wearer moves around.

This is great for situations where you want to pull off short bursts of pace to change direction or outmanoeuvre an opponent.

It’s safe to say that these shoes were built primarily with speed and acceleration in mind.


  • This is a premium shoe with a build quality that is more than adequate
  • The low-profile dynamic fit collar provides a streamlined fit which is great as the wearer is able to control their movements with greater precision
  • Sizing is not too accurate and it’s recommended to go either half a size or a full size up in order to get the correct fit

So that completes my top five best astro turf boots that you can buy today.

Now it’s important to gain an appreciation for the different playing surfaces that are present within the game of football.

This is because the playing surface will quite often dictate the type of footwear that you will require to play the game in a safe and effective way.


Distinguishing the different types of playing surfaces in football

With the ever-growing technological advancements taking place within the beautiful game, playing surfaces have become more varied, which has inadvertently created a few new segments in the footwear market that manufacturers can take advantage of.

Here are the most common playing surfaces that someone who plays the game can expect to encounter:


Natural turf pitches

These consist of nothing else but grass and soil and are the most “imperfect” type of pitch that you are ever likely to come across.

In less developed countries, good old grass type pitches are much more widespread.


Synthetic pitches

100% synthetic or what we call artificial pitches were first installed in 1966 in the United States as a way of increasing playing hours and reducing maintenance costs.

They consist of man-made fibres and are great for use at facilities that undergo a lot of heavy usage all year round.


2G pitches

According to this definitive AstroTurf pitch guide, these are second generation synthetic surfaces that consist of both synthetic turf and infill.

These surfaces are either sand-dressed or sand-filled and are typically between 13mm to 24 mm in pile height.

From my own experience of playing on this type of surface back in my university days, I can tell you that it’s quite difficult to maintain balance on the field.

It’s also more difficult to control the ball and anticipate moves as the presence of the sand often results in the ball skidding across the surface.

On reflection, I can now see why these pitches are not as widespread as they used to be a couple of years ago.


3G pitches

Third generation pitches are said to be the most popular for football and rugby players due to the fact that the materials used in the synthetic turf replicate the look and feel of natural grass.

These pitches comprise of synthetic grass that is filled with a cushioning rubber for performance infill and sand for stability.

Again, having played on this surface I can attest to its superiority over its 2G counterpart.

It’s much easier to control the ball on this surface and it’s certainly easier to make twisting and turning motions as the turf allows for better grip.


4G pitches

These pitches are solely made of synthetic turf, meaning that there is no rubber crumb like there is for a 3G pitch.

However, this article states that these pitches are yet to receive official grading as a new technology and it can therefore be misleading to label 3G pitches without rubber as 4G ones.


Hybrid pitches

As the name hybrid suggests, these are pitches that combine both natural turf and synthetic fibres. The percentage distribution of natural turf to synthetic fibre is said to be 95% to 5%.

Derby County are a great example of a club that have adopted this technology within their own stadium:


Frequently asked questions

As with any big purchase, a customer would like to extract as much detail beforehand before making their final purchasing decision.

This is why I’ve decided to answer some of the questions that get brought up quite frequently whenever discussions on the best astro turf boots spring up.


Why is it important to have a good pair of Astro turf boots?

Now if you’ve read through that long list of pitch surface types, you’ll be pleased to know that Astro turf boots can be used on each one of the aforementioned surfaces!

Other options like artificial grass football boots come with conical or blade-like plastic studs that were specifically designed for only the synthetic 3G and 4G pitches.

In addition to this, firm ground football boots are not ideal for 3G and 4G surfaces as the studs sink deep into the surface which increases the odds of injury when used.

The versatility of AstroTurf boots means that you can buy a single pair and feel comfortable in the knowledge that they can be used on pretty much any natural, synthetic or hybrid surface.

But don’t use them on concrete and to a lesser extent indoors, as you’ll wear out the bottoms which provide the grip.


Do I need my boots to have modern fancy features?

The answer to this question is a big resounding NO.

Companies try to market the latest technology with the spin that it aids performance in some way.

From my own past buying experience I have discovered that it’s better to prioritise comfort because with comfort in check, the performance will generally follow naturally.

So, I’d suggest forgetting about that pair of lace less boots that promises “increased speed” or something to that tune.


Can you wear firm ground boots on a 4G pitch?

In a practical sense, of course you can.

But it is not at all recommended due to the risk of injury.

As I had mentioned earlier in the article, form ground boots come with sharper and more pointier studs that are likely to get stuck in the 4G turf if you wore them on that surface.

That’s a recipe for disaster waiting to happen.

So, stay safe and only wear AstroTurf or Artificial Grass boots on 4G pitches.


Can you wear football boots on an astro turf surface?

The answer here is yes, but again there is a distinction that needs to be made.

You’ll find that models of firm ground (FG) boots often have longer or wider plastic blade shapes, designed to grip and churn into dry soil. Artificial ground (AG) boots have slightly conical or entirely rounded plastic, which are specifically designed to enter and release easily from 3G and 4G plastic turf with ease.

So firm ground boots should really only be used on natural surfaces due to the risk of injury if your foot gets caught in the turf.

Whilst on the other hand, the artificial football boots can and should be used on astro turf surfaces such as 3G or 4G.


Final thoughts

Hopefully that didn’t put you to sleep!

After a lot of intense research, I can confidently conclude that the Puma Kings are the top pick for an Astro turf football boots.

They simply offer the best fit for people with wider feet; great ankle support and overall comfort, which is why I would place them at the top of the purchase list for those looking to purchase.

Samuel Waihenya
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