The Best Electric Soccer Ball Pumps on the Market [2023 Buying Guide]

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Soccer balls are bound to gradually lose air over the course of their useful lives.

This is why they have to be re-inflated periodically.

Now, it’s certainly not so easy to find a reliable pumping device for the aforementioned task.

So, I wanted to take the time to detail some of the best electric soccer ball pump options with a thorough product roundup article.





Our #1 Rated

Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump

  • Intelligent pressure detection

  • USB charging capability


Best Premium

Mitre Electric Pro Inflator Ball Pump

  • Mains powered

  • WEEE compliant


Best Budget 

Deeplee Smart Electric Ball Pump

  • LCD display

  • Pressure pre-sets


FORZA Electric Football Pump

  • 230V system

  • Triple-pressure gauge


The Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump looks to be the top pick for an electric soccer ball pump – scoring top marks for its price point, battery life, portability and lightness, along with its handy intelligent pressure detection mechanism that eliminates the need for human input on air pressure levels.

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I’ll now go through each option in greater detail, starting in the order of the top-ranked one.


1. Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump

Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump
  • 【Automatic Electric Air Compressor】Morpilot electric ball pump with intelligent pressure detection and stop function, just chose the correct ball type, press to start and it will automatically stop inflating once the desired pressure is reached. Safe and easy to use.
  • 【Electric Ball Pump with Pressure Gauge】Morpilot's intelligent basketball pump, built-in digital pressure gauge, intelligent automatic pressure detection. One key lets your ball reach the pressure, bringing you to enjoyable fun.
  • 【Electric Air pump for Balls】 Air volume:4L/M:1-2mins finish inflating, don't delay the game with unnecessary pumping, just have a break and let Morpilot air compressor do the rest.

The first port of call when it comes to the topic of electric soccer ball pumps should be the Morpilot Smart Pump.

It’s insanely impressive how the manufacturer has been able to create a pocket-sized inflation device that is so powerful.

Upon closer inspection, I noted that this pump is entirely cylindrical, with button functions and the needle valve located on the opposite upper and lower faces of the structure.

This makes it very easy to grip whilst the inflation process is being carried out.

I’ve vouched for this product over the rest mainly because it excels in a number of key areas that I’m now going to talk about.

Let’s begin!


Visual LED indicator

We now live in a predominantly digital world, so it only makes sense for this electronic soccer ball pump to make easy work of measuring the ball’s air pressure levels.

The user is handheld through the inflation process with this pump because the light-emitting diode (LED) display is able to indicate the pounds per square inch (PSI) level of the soccer ball as it gradually inflates.

This means that you don’t have to take a stab in the dark when it comes to determining whether the ball has the correct amount of air pressure inside it, as the display gives that feedback immediately.

So, no more squeezing the ball with your hands and taking a wild guess at the air pressure level.

And strangely enough, this pump comes with an additional LED flashlight function!

This is great because it means that the pump has an unrelated alternative use case, like when a person is present at a poorly lit area.


Intelligent pressure detection

Next up we have the handy pressure detection functionality.

To make the most of this feature, the user needs to do two things.

First off, one must select the desired PSI level for their soccer ball using the up and down button controls located on the side.

After that, the user should then press the ON/OFF toggle to begin the inflation process.

Once the ball is inflated to the air pressure level that was previously input by the user, the pump will automatically stop adding air to it and the needle can then be removed.


USB charging capability

Because this device runs on electricity, it does need to be recharged from time to time.

This is made very easy with the USB slot and accompanying cable.

A user can simply charge their Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump [LINK] with either of the following options:

  • Laptop
  • Desktop computer
  • Power bank

When fully charged, the device is said to be able to pump up a total of 30 balls.


Video review

It would be great to see this electric soccer ball pump in action, which is why I’ve also included a short video clip of how the device works.

Take a look below:


Other specifications

  • Weight – 185g
  • LED Light – 1W
  • Battery – Lithium ion @ 2000mAh, 3.7V and 7.4W


  • Inflates very quickly as it can take as little as 20 seconds to pump up a flat soccer ball
  • Switches itself off automatically once the desired PSI level is reached
  • Red low battery light illuminates as a signal for a recharge
  • Comes equipped with a drawstring bag that keeps the pump and adapters together
  • Well packaged with an informative instruction manual
  • Slightly more costly than a manual soccer ball pump
  • Automatic pressure detection may stop functioning after a while


2. Kizplays Smart Electric Ball Bump

Deeplee Smart Electric Ball Pump
  • Automatic Electric Ball Pump:Electric Ball Pump designs with intelligent pressure detection and stop function,just preset the correct ball PSI,press to start and it will automatically stop inflating once the preset pressure is reached. Smart and easy to use.
  • Accurate Pressure Alignment: built-in Digital Pressure Gauge and LCD Display, you can preset a very accurate PSI to inflate your ball ,and then you could get an accurate level of pressure (PSI) in balls. Makes inflating balls much easier without wasting time, you can focus, not on the ball but, on the game
  • Fast Ball Pump-Free Your Hands and Save Your Energy:Air volume input: 4L/M, which finishes inflation of a ball in just 1-2 minutes. No need to be sweating for pushing or pulling those manual ball pumps with your hands. Saving more energy to beat your opponent

Next up we have the Kizplays Smart Electric Ball Pump.

This one is quite similar to the Morpilot Pump but there are a few distinguishable differences that set this product apart.

I’ll dive into these things right away.


Portable cuboid shape

First of all, this pump has a cuboid-like shape that makes it very easy to carry to different destinations.

I’d confidently vouch that this product is easier to grab and hold onto than the Morpilot one because the four curved corners on the cuboid structure act as solid contact reference points for the person holding the pump.

And it’s small enough to fit in trouser pockets too!


LCD display

What’s interesting here is that the liquid crystal display gives the user a lot of valuable information about the pumping process.

Details such as the actual air pressure that the soccer ball contains as well as the pre-set pressure and battery level of the device are clearly indicated on the screen, which is great for user experience as all the valuable information is at the tip of their fingers.

And as a bonus, this gadget also comes fitted with a light emitting diode (LED) light, which means it can casually serve as a night or emergency torch as well.


Accurate pressure pre-set

Air pressure detection is accurate down to the nearest 0.1 PSI, which is fairly good.

The pump also features an automatic pressure detection system that triggers once the ball has been inflated to the pressure pre-set that was input by the user at the start of the process.


USB port charging

You get a lot of longevity with this product due to the fact that it can be recharged easily through mobile phone adaptors, power banks and computers.

All you need to do is connect the charging cable that’s provided to the USB port and the battery indicator will flash to indicate that the device is charging.

Unfortunately, users aren’t able to pump up soccer balls whilst the device charges and they have to wait for the battery indicator to turn green as this signals that it’s fully charged.


Other specifications

  • Weight – 260 grams
  • Air flow rate – 4L/min
  • Battery – 2000 mAh


  • Budget-friendly price for an electric pump
  • Inflates balls very quickly
  • Not overly noisy
  • User manual provided within packaging
  • Short battery life as it only works for around 40 minutes
  • Takes 3 hours to fully charge


For a similar priced alternative, it may be worth your time checking out the BOMPOW Electric Ball Pump.

But if budget isn’t that much of a deal breaker for you, then you might find the AirSilo Electric Ball Pump as another viable option.


3. Mitre Electric Pro Inflator Ball Pump

Mitre Electric Pro Inflator Ball Pump
  • Durable and quiet electric ball pump
  • Inflates a large volume of balls
  • Ideal for coaches at large clubs and schools

At the time of writing, Mitre has been around for exactly 150 years!

The company is widely known as one of the greatest soccer equipment manufacturers around.

So, when they come out with an electric soccer ball pump like they have done here, you can rest assured that its performance meets – and even possibly exceeds – the highest quality standards.


Mains powered

You’ll be hard-pressed to find fault when it comes to the Mitre Electric Pro Inflator Pump.

To begin with, this monster of a gadget is really good at pumping up a large volume of soccer balls at rapid pace.

Due to the fact that it hooks right up with the mains power supply through a socket connector, there’s absolutely zero chance that it will run out of electricity.

With no recharging needed unlike the other alternatives, it’s the perfect tool for large sports facilities as well as for coaches at some of the big clubs and schools across the world.


Noise friendly

More so, once the user completes the initial setup, they’ll be surprised at how quiet this electric pump is.

It doesn’t make much noise which is great because the usually loud vibrating sound can be quite irritating for some people.


Cushioned carry handle

Transporting this beast of a machine is also relatively straightforward, as the pump comes fitted with a carry handle that makes hand-holding comfortable.

As a player you’re bound to be travelling to and from games and in some situations, you will need to pump up your soccer ball on the go.

Despite its heavier overall weight distribution, the pump is fairly portable due to the fact that it can easily be lifted up by hand.


Analog pressure gauge

Users are also able to accurately monitor soccer air pressure levels as this product comes with an analogue gauge scale.

Once the inflation process begins, a little indicator similar in appearance to a clock hand will show how much PSI the soccer ball contains.

This ensures users don’t have to rely on their own intuition to decide whether their ball is fully inflated or not.


Waste Electrical or Electronic Equipment (WEEE) compliance

Another important thing to point out about this electronic soccer ball pump is the fact that it can be recycled conveniently.

Mitre’s collaboration with the network of WEEE recycling centres allows customers to recycle this product if the time comes at no extra cost.

That can certainly give a prospective buyer that extra piece of mind, especially because this pump takes up a fair amount of space unlike the other options in this roundup.


Other specifications

  • Power source – corded electric
  • Weight – 3.8 kilograms


  • Mains powered means no need at all for periodic recharging
  • Massive volumes of soccer balls can be pumped up in a short amount of time
  • Quiet inflation process
  • Comes with additional needle adapters
  • Its part-metallic casing makes it very durable
  • Fairly expensive
  • Bulky item that takes up a lot of space compared to a standard soccer ball pump


4. FORZA Electric Football Pump

FORZA Electric Football Pump
  • FOOTBALL BALL PUMP - 240v air compressor ensures quick and reliable inflation.
  • SPACE SAVING BALL PUMP - Mains-operated pump with sturdy yet compact design - weighs only 2.3kg.
  • ACCURACY GUARANTEED - thanks to pressure gauge which measures in both BAR, KPA and PSI.

FORZA is a brand of the Net World Sports company that have been sourcing and manufacturing top-quality sports products for a number of years.

With the enviable title of being the United Kingdom’s number 1 soccer goal supplier, among other business awards – such as the Best UK SME achievement in 2017 – you don’t have to fret about their electric soccer ball pump here.

Now I’ll get right down to the best bits of their Electric Football Pump.


230V air compressor

Quick inflation is made possible here, as the 230-volt system provides the necessary power to expedite the air delivery process.

The pump is able to work at a flow rate of 18L per minute, which is supremely fast.


Flexible inflation hose

One of the most common frustrations that users tend to experience when pumping up their soccer balls is the damage inflicted on the valve needle throughout the process.

With a manual pump, there isn’t much room for the needle to manoeuvre as it’s connected directly to the pump itself.

This leads to occasions where the needle snaps when removed from the valve opening on a standard pump and, that usually marks the point when a person has to go out and shop for another needle or pump altogether.

But this issue becomes a thing of the past as the flexible inflation hose allows the user to comfortably position the ball and move it about with the needle inside.

The lack of rigidity present on this pump means there’s close to zero chance of the needle breaking or the valve connector loosening up over time.


Triple-pressure gauge

Air pressure measurements are displayed on this electric pump in three ways:

  • Pounds per square inch (PSI)
  • Kilopascal (kPa)
  • Bars (bar)

This is great as it really allows the user to get particularly granular on just how much air they want their soccer ball to be filled up with.

Furthermore, in the event that your ball is accidentally overinflated, the gadget is fitted with an automatic pressure relief system that allows you to deflate it effortlessly.


Temperature-controlled safety cut-off

FORZA have also paid significant attention to safety standards by incorporating an automatic temperature-controlled shut off system.

What this does is reduce the risk of the air compressor from overheating and ultimately preventing any potential fire outbreaks from occurring.

This device also possesses the Conformitè Europëenne (CE) mark which is a certification of compliance that allows the pump to be used within leisure centres and schools without posing any sort of safety risk.


Other specifications

  • Weight – 2.3 kilograms
  • Airflow rate – 18L/min
  • 3-piece UK, USA and EU adaptor kit included for extra versatility


  • Comes with extra adaptors
  • Easier portability due to its small structure and light weight
  • Safety features are top notch; CE tested and certified
  • Different air pressure display readings
  • Next day delivery when ordered before 4.30 pm GMT
  • Mid-range price point
  • Fairly noisy output


Qualities to consider when shopping for an electric soccer ball pump

Before you come to a purchasing decision, a couple of factors will go a long way towards determining how much buyer satisfaction you ultimately receive.

By trawling through plenty or customer feedback sections, I was able to discover the principles that buyers should stick to when it comes to choosing an electric soccer ball pump.

Read on to find out more.


Accurate gauge scale measurement

best electric soccer ball pumps - accurate gauge scale measurement

You don’t want to have to rely on your own instinct to determine how much air pressure a ball has.

Even though a gentle squeeze can be used as an indicator of whether or not more air is needed, an accurate scale that quantifies the level of air within the ball in real-time makes things so much easier.

So, look for electric pumps that are fitted with analogue or digital PSI readers.


Air release valve functionality

At the end of the day, safety when using a product or service should be a strict requirement.

Therefore, you’re going to need an electric pump that’s fitted with an air release valve.

What this does is ensure that a soccer ball doesn’t burst as a result of being over-inflated, with the mechanism helping to release excess air from the object when the pressure limit has been passed.



best electric soccer ball pumps - portable

Ease of transportation is pretty much essential, as you’ll want to be able to carry your electric soccer ball pump to and from games as well as training sessions.

If the product is too heavy, you may not be able to carry it with you and that essentially defeats the purpose of being able to pump the ball whenever necessary.


Durable material construction

Be on the lookout for electric pumps that are held together with flimsy looking plastic, as those are the prime candidates to stop working within a week or two.

After all, what’s the point in buying something that doesn’t give you the longevity that was initially advertised?

You’ll definitely need to look carefully at the imagery that each manufacturer provides, because when it comes to buying things online you don’t get the luxury of feeling the item before paying for it.


Final recommendation

The Morpilot Smart Electric Ball Pump is my winner due to it having the perfect combination of being affordable, portable and lightweight, as well as offering the automatic pressure detection functionality that a product in this category pretty much requires for it to be regarded as the best.

However, if money is not a concern for you, then the Mitre Electric Pro Inflator Ball Pump is a great alternative.

Finally, before you go, you should check out our eBook on Soccer Ball Care.

Within this monster of a resource, we tackle all there is to know about looking after a soccer ball and maximising its useful life right from when you purchase this type of product.

This eBook covers a plethora of different topics, such as:

  • soccer ball construction;
  • inflation and pressure management;
  • cleaning and maintenance;
  • soccer ball storage; and
  • how to extend the useful life of your ball

In just a couple of hours, you’ll have more knowledge on what is good and bad for your soccer ball than you could ever fathom!

You’ll learn how to inflate your soccer ball to the correct level of air pressure based on the size of ball you have, as well as know how to clean and store your soccer ball properly after games.

But I don’t think there’s anything better than being able to effectively troubleshoot problems with your soccer ball and fix them yourself!

So, you can finally take care of your soccer ball for many months to come, which without a doubt will save you time and money as won’t be searching for and buying a replacement any time soon.

With just one click…

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