The Best Football Tracksuits to Wear [2023 Buying Guide]

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Football tracksuits certainly are a huge part of British football fandom.

In fact, on a Saturday or Sunday morning you’re likely to find dozens of people on the streets of your local town wearing them as they head to the stadiums to watch their favourite teams compete.

The simple combination of a track top and an accompanying set of sporty joggers works really well as a casual outfit that can be worn even outside of football participation, like say for example if you wanted to take a stroll in the park or head to the supermarket.

In terms of appeal, this area of the clothing market is huge, which is why I’ve chosen to write an article today on the best football tracksuits to help those who are looking to make a buying decision that will expand their wardrobe for the better.

From the research I’ve been able to gather, there are 5 standout options, which are as follows:





Our #1 Rated

Nike Academy 16 Knit Tracksuit

  • 100% polyester

  • No closure fastening


Best Value

JAKO Men's Competition 2.0 Tracksuit

  • Two-tone zip pull

  • Ribbed leg cuffs


Best Budget 

donhobo Men's Tracksuit Set
  • Elasticated waist, drawstring inside

  • 4 pockets

Under Armour Challenger II Knit Warm Up Tracksuit
  • 100% polyester

  • Pull on fastening

adidas Men's Tiro Tracksuit
  • Double knit 100% recycled polyester

  • Stand-up collar


It is my considered opinion that the Nike Academy 16 Knit Tracksuit trumps the rest because of a couple of reasons. Firstly, the fabric is exceedingly lightweight, thereby making movement easy and enhancing comfort, added to the fact that the iconic Nike swoosh logo, the tapered hems and the ribbed cuffs give the outfit a sense of sleek style which is nice when you’re going for a more casual look.

Now let’s review all of the options.


1. Under Armour Challenger II Knit Warm Up Tracksuit

Under Armour Challenger II Tracksuit
  • Comfortable and Warm – This men's tracksuit is made of a durable knit fabric with a smooth surface and a soft inner to trap warmth
  • Sweat-Wicking – The innovative material of the tracksuit set for men wicks perspiration away from the body and dries really quickly
  • Functional and Stylish – This sports clothing set with jacket and jogging bottoms is not only stylish but also features practical hand pockets

The first tracksuit that readers should feast their eyes on is this one designed by Under Armour.

It’s been put together with a durable knit polyester fabric that makes it smooth to the touch, and it has a soft silk-like inner that helps to trap warmth effectively.

The material also does a good job of ensuring that the athlete has lasting freshness, as it is able to wick sweat away from the skin and dry quite quickly.

What’s more is that this tracksuit comes with a number of practical hand pockets, which is handy for storing your personal belongings like mobile phones and wallets safely.

In addition to this, the skin tight fit of this tracksuit does not constrict an athlete’s movement, which makes it suitable for playing intense games of football for extended periods of time.


  • Nice comfortable fit that is not overly baggy or tight on the skin
  • Quality of the stitching is good
  • Lightweight and highly breathable
  • The fabric is a bit too thin making it more suitable for spring and summer months as opposed to winter wear


2. Nike Academy 16 Knit Tracksuit

Nike Academy 16 Knit Tracksuit
  • Dry comfort due to moisture-wicking Dri-FIT material
  • Hem and cuffs partially ribbed
  • Side zip pockets on jacket and pants

Nike are one of the dominant brands when it comes to tracksuit wear, and this product holds its own quite well when stacked against the other options.

First off, the Academy 16 tracksuit not only delivers a modern, sleek and stylish look when worn, as its dry fit fabric wicks sweat away with ease and the mesh ventilation embedded within the design keeps the athlete as cool as a cucumber during periods of activity.

More so, the articulated elbow and knee areas of the tracksuit provide an ergonomic fit that eases pressure on the joints when worn.

The front zip pocket compartments on either side of the trousers allow for convenient and secure storage.

So, you can rest easy as you no longer have to bear the thought of your phone or car keys falling out of your pockets whilst you jog or sprint, as the zips keep them sealed.

The trousers on this tracksuit also come with an elasticated waist, which affords the wearer the choice to slightly tailor the fit to their body size.


  • Tapered hems on the trousers make for a stylish, modern fit
  • The material washes well, and the inside labels indicate the best wash settings
  • Very lightweight due to the thin fabric
  • The seller charges £4 for returns, which can be a bit of an inconvenience if the size you order doesn’t provide the best fit


Nike also has a kid’s version of this product called the Nike Academy 16 Unisex Youth Knit Tracksuit, which is great if you’re looking to pick one up for a teenager.

And after a lot of digging I also managed to find some really interesting Nike tracksuits for sports teams, such as:

And in addition to the aforementioned options, you can’t really go wrong with the Nike Men Dry Academy 18 Warm Up Suit with raglan sleeves that extend fully to the collar, or the Nike Children’s Dry Fit Academy Tracksuit which has elasticated cuffs.


3. adidas Men’s Tiro Tracksuit

adidas Men's Tiro Tracksuit
  • Classic fit at the cuff.
  • Double knit 100% recycled polyester.
  • Zip closure and stand-up collar

Adidas have managed to make my shortlist of best football tracksuits with their Tiro outfit.

It is made of anti-humidity recycled polyester fabric that is meant to offer the athlete maximum comfort throughout training sessions and competitive matches.

Either side of the trousers are zip pockets that open and close smoothly, which is great for personal storage.

The cuffs of the jacket are a classic fit, so you won’t feel as though your wrists are too squeezed, and the hems of the trousers are designed to stretch so that the athlete is afforded full freedom of movement.


  • The tracksuit sizes correspond well to the manufacturer’s reference tables
  • Snug fit that is not too tight
  • Free product returns available on some sizes and colours
  • Not suitable for winter weather as the fabric is fairly thin


Another great alternative is the No products found., which has the Adidas Originals Trefoils logo embroidered onto both the chest of the top and below the waist area of the trousers.


4. JAKO Men’s Competition 2.0 Tracksuit

JAKO Men's Competition 2.0 Tracksuit
  • Side pockets with zip, performance label
  • Contrast insert on the collar, two-tone zip pull
  • Ribbed leg cuffs, elasticated waistband with drawstring

This JAKO tracksuit is a great demonstration of the art of colour combining.

It features a contrast insert on the collar, along with a dynamic insert situated along the chest area that gives the product a great blend of colour that looks unmistakeably elegant to the naked eye.

The jacket cuffs and trouser hems are ribbed for slender fitting and the elasticated waistband with a drawstring allows for a more custom fit that is tailored to the size of the athlete’s waistline.

In addition to this, the polyester-made trousers – which emit a slight shimmer when exposed to any form of light – come with zipped pockets on either side, which allows for the easy storage of personal items.


  • Easy to return to the seller and exchange in case of sizing errors
  • The material does not attract lint or loose strands of hair
  • Zips are smooth when pulled and do not get stuck
  • Well packaged on delivery
  • Sizing is slightly off, as the pants and jacket can run a little short


5. donhobo Men’s Tracksuit Set

donhobo Men's Tracksuit Set
  • Mens Tracksuit Set Fleece Contrast Cord Jogging Bottoms Hoodies Zip Trousers Gym Sports Suit With Zip Pockets
  • Mens Tracksuit Set Fleece Contrast Cord Jogging Bottoms Hoodies Zip Trousers Gym Sports Suit With Zip Pockets
  • Tracksuits with 2 hoodie pockets, trouser with 2 pockets, elasticated waist, drawstring inside

Lastly, we have a tracksuit that is designed for wear in different environments, be it sporting-related or casual.

The elastic rib cuffs serve the purpose of preventing cold air from entering the body, and the fleece lining inside the jacket quickly heats up when worn and locks in the warmth.

And in addition to the moisture-wicking properties that this tracksuit contains, it comes with 4 pockets – 2 on the track top and another 2 on the trousers.

You also don’t have to worry about your waistline feeling uncomfortable as the adjustable drawstring situated on the inside of the trousers allows you to expand and contract the fit accordingly.


  • Washes and dries well as it doesn’t lose shape over time
  • The fabric is stretchy enough for sporting activities
  • The fit is relatively tight and adapts well to the shape of the wearer’s legs, whilst at the same time allowing enough freedom of movement when performing actions like jogging or sprinting
  • Affordable price point
  • Size chart is not completely accurate, making it difficult to acquire the optimal fit on the initial purchase


Another similar-priced alternative is the No products found. which actually looks quite similar in appearance.


Qualities of a good football tracksuit

As always with these roundups, I will also outline a few factors that buyers should consider before parting with their hard-earned money.

Let’s begin…



best football tracksuits - correct fitting

With any tracksuit, you will want to ensure that you select the correct size.

There’s nothing worse than having trousers with hems that sit way above your ankles or a top that has arm sleeves which are too short.

So be sure to consult the manufacturer’s size chart for the tracksuit you’re looking to purchase as it provides key information, like for instance, what each garment size type (i.e. small, medium, large) corresponds to the ideal circumference of waist.

Sports clothing and footwear manufacturer Reebok also give guidance on what to do if a person’s body type is in between two different sizes, as they recommend going for the smaller size if you want a tight fit and vice versa if you want a loose fit.



best football tracksuits - right material

The best football tracksuits will be made from materials that promote breathability and the evaporation of moisture from within the fabric by a process known as wicking.

Cotton has undergone some sort of renaissance in the sportswear industry as it has better odour management when compared against other fabrics, but it still falls short with regard to its ability to absorb sweat.

On the other hand, spandex – like its name implies – has high stretch ability that makes clothes agile enough for strenuous movements, and it does a good job of absorbing sweat along with it being quick drying.

However, embroidery is difficult as this fabric doesn’t hold stich designs too well.

When it comes to polyester, the boxes for moisture-wicking and breathability are both checked, and it is also effective at protecting the wearer from ultraviolet rays due to its tightly woven structure which blocks the sun’s rays from shining through the fabric.

The big downside however, is that polyester is poor when it comes to odour management, as it can foster the growth of bacteria.

Lastly, synthetics are another option that offers good breathability and sweat absorption to keep the wearer cool during periods of activity, but its manufacture is harmful to the environment, as the chemical synthesis process by which it’s made produces non-renewable by-products.

Below is an informative video that looks at material composition in greater detail and covers multiple clothing types:


Final recommendation

It’s difficult to pinpoint an overall winner when it comes to the best football tracksuits.

But if I had to choose one above the rest, it would have to be the Nike Academy 16 Knit Tracksuit as it offers the perfect combination of style due to the tapered hems and being lightweight enough which affords athletes more fluid movement when competing.

Samuel Waihenya
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