The Best Goalkeeper Jerseys to Wear [2023 Buying Guide]

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In soccer, goalkeeping can be quite a demanding position to play.

Not only does the person between the posts assume some responsibility for starting team attacks with patient build-up from the back, as they also have to make several saves within matches to prevent the opposition from scoring.

Without a doubt, the goalkeeping role is not an easy one to play, and the absence of the right equipment for players in this position can present an even greater challenge, if not an insurmountable one.

This is one of the reasons why sports gear manufacturers design jerseys specifically tailored to offer the comfort and body protection that goalkeepers need.

In this article, we’ll be taking a detailed look at the best goalkeeper jerseys that soccer goalkeepers can wear, as they should be ideally equipped with the finest available tools to be able to carry out their exemplary on-field work.

Here’s our list of top recommendations:





Our #1 Rated

Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Goalkeeper Jersey

XRD extreme impact protection

Form fitted body


Best Value

Mitre Command Goalkeeper Jersey

Hard-wearing body

Embedded elbow padding


Best Budget 

Derbystar Children's Aponi Pro Goalkeeper Jersey

Elbow and forearm function pads

Fitted cut


Adidas Assita 17 Goalkeeper Jersey

ClimaLite soft material

Elbow padding protection


The Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Jersey wins out here due to having the right combination of protective padding for goalkeepers that absorbs up to 90% of impacts; antibacterial treatment that prevents unpleasant smelling odors from developing, and sweat-wicking properties that keep players cool and dry.


1. Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Jersey

Storelli are a company that have gradually battled their way to the forefront of goalkeeper gear manufacturing.

That is a massive feat in and of itself, particularly because the company was only recently founded in 2010.

12 years is not a long time in this business and praise must be given to Storelli for managing to make their mark in the sports gear industry.

Because product innovation is one of their main drivers, they’re consistently able to launch “out-of-the-box” products that tackle some of the biggest inefficiencies you’ll find in some of the major brands.

Anyway, that’s enough of a ramble on how Storelli have made their ascendency.

Let’s now look at the product!

best goalkeeper jerseys - storelli exoshield gladiator jersey

The Storelli ExoShield Gladiator Jersey is fantastically designed to say the very least.

When you see the jersey for the first time you get the sense that Storelli knew exactly what they were doing when they created it.

For starters, it doesn’t appear to come with any of the bagginess or bulkiness that you spot on a number of other goalkeeper jerseys.

In fact you relish the opportunity to try it on because of the streamlined slim fit look that it manages to pull off.

But there’s even more things to love about this jersey, beginning with…


XRD® extreme impact protection

This goalkeeper jersey has been armored with Storelli’s proprietary XRD® extreme impact protection elbow pads.

They’ve been built to absorb up to 90% of the impact that a goalkeeper experiences whenever they sprawl onto the ground as they make a diving save.

Beyond that, the jersey is engineered to prevent painful bruises and contusions when playing.

So, even as you reach for the ball when making that upper corner save, you can rest easy knowing that the jersey will cushion you well.


Sweat-wicking materials

This jersey also excels in preventing sweat build up.

Storelli employs the use of lightweight materials in the fabric design of this jersey, so that moisture is wicked away from the body during periods of intense physical activity.

In addition to that, it has been treated with antibacterial elements that significantly reduce overall germ spread and prevent bad smelling body odors from surfacing.


Form-fitted body

Perhaps one of the best features of this goalkeeper jersey is its form-fitted body.

The streamlined shape of this jersey’s body and arms provides supreme levels of comfort, as goalkeepers don’t have to deal with the distractions that come with loose fitting wear.

You don’t have to worry about tucking this jersey into your shorts or pants, as it contours quite well to the shape of the wearer’s body.


Video demonstration

Take a look at the footage underneath for a well-rounded view of what this product looks like:


Other specifications

  • Body – 100% polyester
  • Foam – 100% urethane foam padding


  • Fairly reasonable price point
  • The fabric is easily washable as dirt stains come off quickly
  • Elbow pads are molded to the shape of your elbow, providing ample cushioning and support
  • Breathable so you don’t feel too hot when wearing it on a warm summer day
  • Elbow padding makes the jersey sleeves tough to roll up


This jersey is so popular with goalkeepers that Storelli has had to keep up with the insane demand by releasing different colors.

You can check each variation out by clicking on the relevant image below:


2. Mitre Men’s Command Goalkeeper Jersey

Mitre Command Goalkeeper Jersey
  • Hard-wearing polyester jersey designed especially for top shot-stoppers
  • Modern graphic print on the chest creates a striking finish
  • Elbow padding adds protection for every parry around the post

Up next we have a company based in the United Kingdom that’s been making quality soccer products for several years.

That’s right!

Mitre have been in this industry since the year 1871, so they know a thing or two about making goalkeeper equipment.

Their Command Goalkeeper Jersey certainly ticks the right boxes for appearance.

Its chest area has a modern graphic print that creates a striking body finish that means this jersey wouldn’t look out of place on the soccer pitch.

Other than that, this jersey offers the protection that goalkeepers need in two core forms:


Hard-wearing body

Mitre have been able to balance the weight distribution of this jersey quite well.

The polyester body is hard-wearing, meaning that regular shot-stoppers won’t experience any sort of discomfort when coming into contact with the ground after a diving save.

At the same time, as a goalkeeper you won’t feel as though this jersey is too bulky or heavy, as the fabric is lightweight enough to keep you nimble on the field.


Embedded elbow padding

When you take a quick look at this jersey for the first time, you won’t notice that it’s been embedded with elbow padding meant to cushion your falls.

This is because the padding is located on the inner side of each sleeve.

So, you get basic protection every time you parry or tip a shot round the goal post.


Other specifications

  • Fabric – 100% polyester
  • Sizes available – small, medium, large and extra large


  • “Try before you buy” is available with Amazon Prime
  • Good value for money
  • Fits true to size
  • The green, silver, tangerine and violet color options may not be the best


3. Adidas Men’s Assita 17 Goalkeeper Long Sleeve Jersey

Adidas Assita 17 Goalkeeper Jersey
  • ClimaLite soft material for optimal moisture management
  • secure hold thanks to elastic cuffs on the cuffs
  • Padding in the elbow area provide excellent protection

There’s no surprises when Adidas pops up in product roundup!

Adidas is one of the biggest sports gear manufacturers in the world so I don’t really have to dig into what the brand is all about and what makes them so great.

That’s because most of you reading this will already have an idea of what Adidas is all about, including the sort of things that separate them and Nike from the rest of the chasing pack.

For starters, their Assita 17 goalkeeper jersey features padding in the elbow areas.

This gives goalkeepers basic elbow protection and the good thing about the design here is that you can’t even tell where the padding resides!

What’s more, moisture management has been taken care of with their ClimaLite soft material.

So, you don’t have to worry about things like breathability and ventilation whilst you perform your role as a goalkeeper, because the fabric takes care of all the sweat-wicking.


Other specifications

  • Fabric – 100% polyamide
  • Fastening – no closure


  • Cheap price
  • Fantastic jersey design and color options
  • Elbow padding offers enough protection and isn’t uncomfortable to wear
  • Product image is a bit misleading, as the elbow padding isn’t visibly prominent


4. Derbystar Children’s Aponi Pro Goalkeeper Jersey

Derbystar Children's Aponi Pro Goalkeeper Jersey
  • Very good quality 100% polyester, mix of interlock and jacquard, 145 g/m².
  • With a fitted cut.
  • Large function pads on elbows and forearm.

Last but not least we have this goalkeeper jersey produced by Derbystar.

This company has a solid reputation for producing some of the best soccer balls that you see being used in Europe’s top flight leagues such as the German Bundesliga.

In fact, the official Bundesliga site has a bit of an excerpt that highlights Derbystar’s big reputation:

“Since its foundation in 1968, Derbystar has specialised in the production of hand-stitched sports balls and was among the first manufacturers to use synthetic materials for this purpose. This decision was seen as ground breaking in the mid-1970s and remains a benchmark in terms of innovation.”

Source –

Derbystar merged with another soccer ball producer called SELECT Sports in 1991, and since then they’ve had their main focus on developing that sort of soccer gear.

But from time to time they’ve pivoted in their product development and you can see that’s clearly the case here.

When it comes to protection for goalkeepers, Derbystar have taken things a step further by going the extra mile.

The jersey they’ve made has got large function pads situated around the elbow areas, as well as another set positioned on each forearm.

So instead of having a jersey that just offers basic elbow protection with minimal padding in these spots, Derbystar have spent a considerable amount of product development time on getting forearm function pads installed in addition.

What you end up getting is a goalkeeper jersey that’s very suitable for younger children, as they’ve got a number of small sizes in stock.


Other specifications

  • Fabric – 100% polyester
  • Fastening – pull on type


  • Washes and dries well
  • The fabric and stitching is very durable
  • Cheap price point
  • Collar size is a bit too wide for young kids


Other goalkeeper jerseys worth considering

If the aforementioned options aren’t to your fancy, then you can take a look at the following alternatives:

Uhlsport Stream 22 Goalkeeper Shirt - Fluo Yellow/Radar Blue, Medium
  • Team sport Clothing
  • Goalkeeper Shirts
  • Goalkeeper Shirts uhlsport
Adidas Men Adipro 19 Gk Long-Sleeve T-shirt - Clear Grey, Large
  • Goalkeeper shirt
  • Climate anti-humidity fabric
  • Adidas logo on the front


Factors to consider when buying a goalkeeper jersey

Above all, you need to weigh up two major things as a prospective buyer.


Body protection

best goalkeeper jerseys - ample body protection

The nature of goalkeeping calls for body protection.

Diving onto the hard ground and colliding with players when aerial balls are in play are some of the battles that the men between the posts face on a regular basis.

So, your elbows, arms and chest should be sufficiently safeguarded by a well padded goalkeeper jersey.

Now, you’ll notice the greater thickness of the armory on those products, but a goalkeeper jersey doesn’t have to be as bulkily built as those options.

As long as it comes with basic elbow and arm padding you should be good to go.



best goalkeeper jerseys - maximum comfort

It may sound obvious, but goalkeeper jerseys have to be breathable and easy to wear.

Goalkeeping calls for a lot of concentration and you wouldn’t want to put on something that takes your attention away from where the soccer ball is on the pitch.

That means you need to look for jerseys that advertise sweat-wicking properties and good ventilation.

Furthermore, those elements ensure you have a jersey that doesn’t feel too hot or too cold when you play in extreme temperatures.

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