What Are the Best Seats for a Soccer Game?

Weekend soccer match days are one of the most exiting child and adult experiences that you can get involved in as a fan of the sport.

From the moment you set off on your journey to the stadium from home, the excitement builds up as you take the train or the bus to your destination.

Meeting up with other fans along the way is also fantastic to be a part of, as you get to be with a like-minded group of people who share your love of a particular team.

It’s why fans come up with certain song chants to show support for their teams during games.

But once you arrive at the stadium where the game is set to take place, things can get a little tricky.

You see, for those fans who aren’t already season ticket holders with a dedicated seat allocated for them within the home section of the ground, it can be a nightmare to pick the best spot to catch the action.

That’s where we come in, with our thorough article that should help you pick the best seats for the upcoming soccer game that you wish to attend.

Let’s kick things off then, shall we?

The best seats for a soccer game are field level and lower level midfield sections typically located halfway up (at the center) and at the ground level of either side stand. These seats are fairly close to the pitch and allow you to see multiple passing angles and almost precisely where players are positioned, ultimately offering a well-rounded view of the entire spectacle.

Now some people may disagree with this notion, with their argument being that the best seats for a soccer game is dependent on personal preference.

And we’re inclined to agree with that too!

But generally, you’re likely to have a very pleasant viewing experience from the location mentioned above.


Which seats are the best to sit at in a soccer stadium?

Let’s investigate this topic a little further.


Lower level midfield seats

best seats for a soccer game - lower level midfield

These are located parallel to the midfield area of a soccer pitch are usually regarded as the optimal spot to be when in a stadium.

From here, you get a wide view of the playing field as you can easily see events unfolding when players attack both ends of the pitch.

This area is great because it doesn’t really matter when soccer teams switch sides at half time, because you’ll still get a clear picture of the attacking and defensive action due to being positioned in a central area in the stands.


Field level seats

best seats for a soccer game - field level seats

These are the seats that bring supporters closest to the action.

You’re positioned right at the ground level of the stadium, so you can get to see your favourite players up close and you’ll even hear them shouting and voicing instructions to team mates as they play!

What better way is there to get an insight into how professionals perform in soccer than to see and hear them up close and personal?

There probably isn’t a better alternative!

On the downside, seats in this area of the stadium can be quite costly as they sometimes come with in-seat wait service and exclusive club amenities.


Does it matter where you sit at a soccer game?

It certainly does matter where you sit at a soccer game!

You’re likely to pay quite a large sum for a ticket, so you’re probably motivated to get the most “bang for your buck” so to speak.

If you were sat at the corner of a particular stand for example, you wouldn’t really have a good view of proceedings when your team is attacking the opposite end of the pitch.

You’d simply be too far away to clearly see the offensive patterns and movement, which can lessen the satisfaction of the overall viewing experience.


Factors to consider when it comes to where you sit in a stadium

You’ve got to weigh up a number of other things before you decide where you’re going to sit down for a soccer game.


1. Weather conditions

If it’s raining on the match day, then you won’t want to be sat in an area where the overhead roofing doesn’t cover you.

Otherwise, you’ll get drenched!

Conversely, the sun may be too hot to bear on a summer day so you may want to look for a spot in the ground that offers some decent level of shade.

Although most soccer stadiums don’t have retractable roofing, you can definitely find some areas where the sun’s rays don’t shine.


2. Atmosphere

When it comes to atmosphere, this concerns being in a place where the home or away fans are most vocal.

Part of the fun that comes with attending soccer games is the camaraderie that fans get to enjoy with supporters who share their belief in a particular team’s success.

So, if you’re looking to engage with other members of the fanbase and chant songs until your mouth runs dry, then perhaps a seat in the supporters’ section of the ground will be good for you.

This is generally behind the goalmouth where the hardcore fans stand and cheer for their team almost non-stop; waving flags and other supportive team banners as the match is underway.

You can also get a good atmosphere when sat in the away fan section.

From here you’ll get to hear some of the most creative chants word for word.

Take this footage of Tottenham Hotspur singing “when the Spurs go marching in”, for example:


3. Hospitality

If you’re a fan who also loves to wine and dine, then you’ll want to sit in an area of the stadium where you’re treated like a very important person – an executive so to speak.

Although pricey, these “box office” seating areas give fans comfortable seating as well access to a waiting staff and whole host of delicious food and beverage options.


Are lower level seats good at soccer games?


As we’ve already explained, lower level seats offer a good view of the on-pitch action for match-going fans.

You can probably get to vividly recall how a memorable goal was scored if you’re positioned very close to where the players are performing.

In addition to this, from this seating area you can get to see player substitutions before they’re officially announced in the stadium.

Because you’re close to players warming up on the side lines, you get a first-hand view and idea of which players will be brought on for the respective teams.

Sometimes you even get to hear player interactions as they warm up on the touchline, which is a great added bonus of being seated lower down.

The only possible downside is that lower level seats can be more costly to reserve on average.


Where do celebrities sit at soccer games?

From basic memory recollection, most celebrities sit in a luxury box near the hospitality suite area of the stadium.

This venue is usually located in the upper area of a side stand and it contains special private seating that’s reserved for people of high public stature.

From here, they get to see the pitch from a bird’s eye view.

But if they want to get a closer sight, some of these celebrities get access to small television screens where they can get a close-up view of the action.


Final thoughts

This article has comprehensively covered what the best seats are for a soccer game.

Now that you’re armed with that knowledge, you can go ahead and prepare for your next soccer adventure!

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