The Best Storelli Goalkeeper Gloves [2023 Buying Guide]

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When it comes to the subject of goalkeeper gloves, a lot of soccer enthusiasts flock to the usual suspects such as Nike, Adidas and Puma.

As consumers we’ve become accustomed to using these established brands for the majority of our sports gear and apparel, so you’d be forgiven for thinking they make the best products for the majority of use cases.

However, there’s another player in the goalkeeping department that’s been flying under the radar for a number of years.

Introducing – Storelli.

The company was founded in 2010 by soccer-obsessed creatives with a vast amount of collective experience in designing performance gear tailored towards injury prevention for players.

Now, Storelli’s goalkeeper gloves are quite the sight to behold as pretty much all of them feature traditional black color.

In this article, we’ll be taking a detailed look at some of the gloves they’ve manufactured that exceed user expectation.

Let’s start off with a quick little table that showcases the best picks:





Our #1 Rated

Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

German contact foam latex

Textured polybutylene punch zones


Best Value

Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeer Gloves

Removable finger spines

Roll negative hybrid cut


Best Budget 

Storelli Sicario SpeedGrip Goalkeeper Gloves

SpeedGrip palm lining

Signature punch zones



The Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 gloves win for their combining heavy-duty construction with the best available grip on today’s product market. Their German grade latex is truly outstanding, offering grip levels that professional shot-stoppers experience on a match-by-match basis.

With that said, now is the time to dig deep into each product to see what their respective offerings comprise of.


1. Storelli Gladiator Pro 3 Goalkeeper Gloves

best storelli goalkeeper gloves - gladiator pro 3

First up we have these Gladiator Pro 3 gloves.

At first glance they may not seem like much, especially if you’re used to checking out the wide array of colors that brands like Nike and Adidas use for their own pairs of gloves.

But where these gloves trump the usual giants quite considerably is when it comes to performance.

The feature capabilities that these gloves provide players simply blow competing models out of the water!

Read through to find out what I mean.


German contact foam latex

Out of the box you receive the highest possible grip level that you associate with goalkeeper gloves used by the professionals.

Our article on the best latex types clearly indicates contact latex as the superior option for goalkeepers who require maximum grip, and these gloves deliver on that in abundance.

What Storelli have done with this version of the Gladiator Pro is upgrade the latex from its 2.0 predecessor, so you’re guaranteed to be getting the latest unaltered German contact foam.

The impact foam on this glove is also wrapped in plastic to ensure that when you open the package the gloves are at their purest and tackiest, ensuring you receive the elite-level grip you paid for right from the first wear.


Negative cut with roll-thumbs

Another plus point with these gloves is the fact that you get additional latex wrapping around the individual thumb areas.

What this does is provide goalkeepers with extra grip and ultimately makes them more secure about their ability to hold onto a powerfully struck soccer ball.


Textured polybutylene punch zones

Coming out to punch crosses away is an important part of modern goalkeeping, as players in this position are expected to occasionally come off their line and sweep up opposition danger when it arises.

These gloves equip goalkeepers to do just that as the textured punching zones allow them to get more force behind the ball when they clench their knuckles to launch it away from their own penalty area.


Video review

There’s a pretty good reason why these gloves are the top selling product in Storelli’s entire Gladiator line.

Here’s a quick visual of how the gloves perform:


Other specifications

  • Removable finger protection – 5 spine inserts, including thumb
  • Sizes available – 6 to 11


  • Comes with a premium breathable glove bag on purchase
  • Removable finger saves are included
  • Highest possible grip offered with contact latex, and the tackiness is even better in rainy playing conditions
  • Durability to withstand rigorous practice and match schedules over time, as the latex is strong and long lasting
  • The gloves can feel slightly too large on the fingertip areas in the bigger sizes


Should the price of these gloves be a little too steep for your liking, you can also check out the Gladiator Elite 3 model.

They’re designed for competitive goalkeepers seeking robust finger and thumb protection as well as grippy latex for practice sessions and matches.


2. Storelli Sicario SpeedGrip Goalkeeper Gloves

best storelli goalkeeper gloves - sicario speed grip

Next up, we have the Sicario SpeedGrip gloves.

What Storelli prioritized in the construction of these was grip, as they focused on making a minimalist glove for players that demand and crave an intense feel for the ball whilst it is in their control.

Here are some of it’s standout attributes:


SpeedGrip® palm lining

You have the first glove which incorporates minimalist principles into the structural design without compromising on aspects such as:

  • Cushioning – 3mm of impact foam for maximum palm protection; and
  • Latex quality – 3.5mm German contact latex

The palm lining makes the whole design feel a lot lighter when worn, almost like a “second skin” of some sort which keeps your fingers glued to the ball when contact is made.


Signature punch zone

As we’ve already alluded to, getting your fist on the soccer ball during corners and wide set pieces is very important when a goalkeeper is protecting their goal.

The polybutadiene hex-shaped punch zones on the backhand of this glove model help to generate powerful rebound and grip for goalkeepers, ultimately giving them the confidence to step off of their goal line and clear away those aerial threats.


Video review

Take a look for yourself at how this product performs in a visual demonstration:


Other specifications

  • Available sizes – 9 to 12
  • Cut type – Concave (maximizes the curvature of the palm for controlling the ball)


  • Abrasion resistance extends the lifespan of these gloves quite considerably
  • They are light, grippy and very comfortable to wear especially once they’re broken into
  • A fantastic fit for ball handling and distribution
  • They don’t have as much padding and shock absorption as traditional 4mm gloves


3. Storelli Silencer Menace Goalkeeper Gloves

best storelli goalkeeper gloves - silencer menace

Last but not least, we have Storelli’s Silencer Menace gloves.

The manufacturer took a three-pronged approach to designing these with feather weight lightness, the best grip used with top-level latex and removable finger save protection.

Let’s now see how these gloves have achieved that.


Built in and removable finger spines

There are a total of five plastic finger spine inserts that come with the glove packaging.

What they do is help reduce the risk of finger injuries such as hyperextension and they prevent your fingers from jamming when you wear the gloves.

The comfort and security you get from this allows you to fully focus on your performance as a goalkeeper, as the fear of getting hurt while playing purely becomes a thing of the past.


3mm foam padding for palm

Quite similar to the other models previously reviewed, these gloves come with impact-absorbing foam padding that helps goalkeepers cushion oncoming shots.

The last thing you’d want to experience is a stinging feeling on your palm when a powerfully struck soccer ball makes contact with your palm.

It’s up there with the worst sort of pain!


Video review

Have a look at this video feedback on the glove that’s been done by a former United States national team goalkeeper coach called Paul Rodgers:


Other specifications

  • Palm grip – 3.5mm high-grade Contact German premium latex
  • Cut type – Roll negative hybrid cut; roll fingers
  • Spines –  5-finger (removable), perfect fit without spines
  • Available sizes – 6 to 11


  • Mesh fingers and backhand panels ensure maximum breathability for a dry performance in all conditions.
  • Premium breathable glove bag included with the purchase
  • Fantastic grip and comfort in both wet and dry playing conditions
  • Could incorporate double strapping into the wrist design instead of a single closure


You’ve also got the alternative Silencer Threat Gloves without finger spines, which are fractionally cheaper than the aforementioned model.


Major qualities to look for in Storelli goalkeeper gloves

There are also a few extra things you need to consider before checking out of Storelli’s online store.

Different goalkeepers have different expectations of their gloves, and it’s important to weigh up certain complexities as there are scenarios at play that may call for a different feature set than what your typical buyer would look for.

Have a look below.


Textured punching zones

You should definitely be on the look out for Storelli gloves that feature a textured backhand.

Punching away a soccer ball with your knuckles can be painful if you don’t have a sufficient level of cushioning on your gloves, so take that extra step to check whether the option you’re going for has some sort of polybutadiene punching zones that generate powerful rebound.



Another important element to consider is the playing conditions.

It’s not everyday that you’ll get to make saves in a cool pitch environment.

With the changing weather seasons, you could encounter a hot and humid day that could affect the comfort of your playing experience.

That’s where buying gloves with adequate ventilation comes in.

Look for those tiny mesh panels on the outer material of Storelli gloves to determine whether the product is ideal for sweltering heat, because in professional or semi-professional match environments you’ll be wearing them for a full 90 minutes.


Verdict – are Storelli a good goalkeeper glove brand?

Without a shadow of a doubt, the answer to this question is a resounding yes.

Storelli gloves provide excellent performance at very reasonable price points.

The only thing that would knock them down is their simplicity when it comes to color choice.

You’ll see pretty much all of their gloves come in black, which can put off some buyers who look for the more standout shades that the more popular brands offer.

All in all, Storelli make good goalkeeper gloves and you should be confident in your purchase should you decide to take out your wallet.

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