Borussia Dortmund Transfer Reliability Guide

Dortmund’s status as a football club has surely ascended to great heights over the last two decades.

From Champions League final appearances to securing highly rated talent like Erling Braut Haaland and Jude Bellingham, they are without a shadow of a doubt still on the up and up.

This naturally brings their dealings into question, and so I sought to make things clearer by rating their news sources with a reliability ranking system for club transfers.

Let’s take a look below…


Borussia Dortmund transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.bvb.deTier 0
Ruhr NachrichtenGermanyTier 1
KickerGermanyTier 1
Süddeutsche ZeitungGermanyTier 1
Waz ( 2
Derwesten ( 2
Revier Sport ( 2
Matthias DerschKickerTier 3
Florian GroegerRuhr NachrichtenTier 3
Dirk KrampeRuhr NachrichtenTier 3
Jürgen KoersRuhr NachrichtenTier 3
Sascha StaatRN BVB PodcastTier 3
Thomas HenneckeKickerTier 3
Peter FloreBVB Social MediaTier 3
Sebastian WeßlingReviersport / Der WestenTier 3
BILDGermanyTier 4


Ratings summary

In summary, the two main media outlets that a Dortmund fan – or a football fan in general – would need to keep tabs on are Ruhr Nachrichten and Kicker.

Both of the aforementioned sources have established ties with the club, with Matthias Dersch proving to be particularly dependable for the latter.

However, Kicker is prone to publishing the occasional clickbait article so just be aware of that as you peruse their website or social channels.


Is BILD reliable?

The national tabloid newspaper for Germany is a mixed bag when it comes to credibility.

One the one hand they do publish some exclusive stories that have tangible truths to them, but more often than not they release poorly researched information with manipulative headlines, not to mention their tendency to speculate quite a bit on where players are likely to end up.

Ultimately, they are seen as quite a controversial news source within Germany, as they have a large following and a vocal readership who aren’t shy to either support or rally against the publication.


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