What is a Brace in Soccer?

In the world of soccer, moments of individual brilliance have the power to sway matches, electrify stadiums, and etch themselves into the annals of the sport’s history.

Among these memorable feats, the brace stands as a testament to a player’s ability to dominate the game and propel their team towards victory.

In this article, we delve into the significance and artistry behind a brace in soccer, examining its definition, strategic importance, and the notable players who have left an indelible mark by scoring two goals in a single game.


What does a brace in soccer mean?

In soccer, a brace refers to the achievement of a player scoring two goals in a single game.

what is a brace in soccer - 2 goals in a single game

When a player nets two goals during a match, it is commonly referred to as a brace.

Whether it be a clinical finisher, a creative playmaker, or an opportunistic striker, any outfield player can be classified as scoring a brace as long as they score two goals in one match.


Why is it called a brace in soccer?

The history of the term “brace” in soccer is believed to have roots in both the old Anglo-French language and an Old English expression.

In Anglo-French, “brace” originally referred to a pair of arms, drawing a parallel to the pair of goals scored by a player achieving a brace.

Additionally, the term could also be connected to an Old English hunting expression.

Hunters would use “brace” to indicate the number of animals caught during a trip.

For instance, if a hunter returned with a brace of geese, it meant they had caught two geese.

Similarly, in soccer, scoring a brace of goals signifies that a player has scored two goals.

what is a brace in soccer - a double or 2 goals

It’s widely speculated that this hunting origin of the term eventually found its way into the soccer lexicon.

Strikers were often likened to hunters, relentlessly pursuing goals, and consequently returning with a brace of two goals on occasion.


Example of a brace in soccer

The following video below demonstrates what a brace looks like in a practical match:

Here we see Inter Milan’s Romelu Lukaku bag himself two goals in what was a more tightly contested game than the scoreline suggests.

In the first goal, Lukaku opened the scoring for his team at the 41 minute mark after shrugging off the challenge of a Sassuolo defender with his back to goal.

The strike was really good considering he had to outmuscle his marker and rifle the shot into the top corner.

Later in the game, Lukaku then confirmed his brace after latching onto a perfectly weighted through pass from his team mate Marcelo Brozovic.


Can a player score more than one brace in a match?

No, in soccer, a player cannot technically score more than one brace in a single match.

The term “brace” specifically refers to the achievement of scoring two goals.

For example, if a player were to score three goals in a game, their achievement would be referred to as a hat-trick.

A hat-trick represents a higher milestone than a brace and denotes the scoring of three goals by an individual player in a single match.

While it is possible for a player to score multiple braces over the course of their career, within a single match, they can only achieve one brace.

In another case, if a player managed to find the back of the net four times in a match, they’ll have achieved what is known as a “poker“.

This achievement of four goals is also commonly referred to as a “haul” although this particular term is not officially defined within the rules of the sport.


Which players have the most braces in soccer history?

Several players have achieved numerous braces throughout their careers, leaving a lasting impact on the history of soccer.

The list below shows the players recorded with the most braces in soccer history:


1. Lionel Messi

The Argentine maestro, widely regarded as one of the greatest players of all time, has recorded a significant number of braces throughout his career.

With his exceptional dribbling, vision, and finishing ability, Messi has consistently displayed a penchant for finding the back of the net multiple times in a single match.

He has garnered a whooping 205 braces across his soccer career.


2. Cristiano Ronaldo

The Portuguese superstar is renowned for his incredible goal-scoring ability and has registered numerous braces throughout his career.

With his athleticism, power, and clinical finishing, Ronaldo has repeatedly demonstrated his capability to score multiple goals in a game.

Unsurprisingly enough, Ronaldo is tied with Messi having achieved 205 braces across his soccer career.


3. Robert Lewandowski

Robert Lewandowski, the prolific Polish striker, has scored numerous braces throughout his career.

With his exceptional goal-scoring ability, technical skills, and versatility, Lewandowski has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of soccer.

The Polish center forward has attained an impressive 135 braces in his career which puts him in third place below the generational superstars.


Wrap up

The brace, a term cherished by soccer enthusiasts worldwide, embodies the thrill and artistry of goal-scoring excellence.

This remarkable achievement, marked by a player netting two goals in a single match, encapsulates the individual brilliance, skill, and impact that can turn the tide of a game.

From the resounding cheers of the crowd to the jubilation shared among teammates, a brace creates unforgettable moments etched in soccer history.

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Samuel Waihenya
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