Can Ronaldo Grow a Beard?

Cristiano Ronaldo has always cared greatly about his image.

The Portuguese soccer player has made a name for himself as one of the most physically attractive athletes that the sport has ever seen, particularly through the way in which he dresses and grooms himself.

Ronaldo is well known to prefer the clean-shaven look when it comes to the topic of his facial appearance, and that has left many questions for spectators and fans of the game.

If you’ve been following Cristiano and his professional exploits for a while, then you’ll undoubtedly know that having a beard isn’t something that he

And that therefore begs the question – can Ronaldo grow a beard?

Well, the science on this is pretty clear.

But before we get to that, let’s start with a short answer summary…

Cristiano Ronaldo is a healthy human being who is perfectly capable of growing a beard on his chin. The athlete simply prefers to go hairless by regularly shaving off the hair follicles that grow on this part of his body.

Read on for the full detail.


Scientific reason why Ronaldo can grow a beard

Some things are just part of everyday life, from:

  • Waking up in the morning with droopy eyelids; to
  • Feeling tired after a long day of hard work; and
  • Getting hungry when you haven’t had anything to eat for a prolonged period of time

The body reacts naturally to certain situations, just like what’s been outlined in the bullet points above.

Men being able to grow beards is no different here.

In fact, the science is pretty clear on why the male species is able to grow hair under their chins whilst your average female can’t.

And it’s because the hair follicles on a man’s jaw are stimulated by a hormone that’s called dihydrotestosterone (DHT) which is – you guessed it – derived from testosterone itself.

why ronaldo can grow a beard - presence of testosterone hormone in his body

However, a man’s ability to grow a fulsome beard isn’t directly linked to their levels of testosterone, which is pointed out in this study.

That means things are quite complicated, even when it comes to science!

Long story short, the presence of sex hormones called androgens – which exist far more in men – encourage the development of male traits such as facial hair.

“These androgens stimulate the hair follicles to produce darker, thicker hair known as intermediate hair, the “peach fuzz” usually first seen on the upper lip. Over time, the androgen simulation encourages the production of even darker, thicker “terminal hair,” of the same sort seen on the scalp.”

Source – Live Science
why ronaldo can grow a beard - presence of androgens

Ultimately, the reason why Cristiano Ronaldo is capable of developing a beard boils down to the science that takes place in the human body.

Hormones such as androgens and DHT stimulate the growth of hair above and beneath the chin.


Did Ronaldo ever have a beard?

As a matter of fact, he did!

Back when Portugal was set to compete in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia, Ronaldo came up with the idea of growing a small goatee on his chin.

Ronaldo has always preferred the clean-shaven look so this was a noticeable change to his outward appearance that people were quite surprised to see.

Here’s an image of how he looked at the time:

ronaldo with a beard - 2018 fifa world cup in russia

Funnily enough, his reason for choosing to grow a small stubble for the purpose of luck, and it amounted from a joke that he had with his international team mate at the time – Ricardo Quaresma.

And quite remarkably, this move appeared to work in his favor at the time as the Portuguese man netted the solitary goal in Portugal’s 1-0 victory over Morocco.

After the game, the media asked him about the goatee and he confirmed that it was purely done for a charm of luck:

“My beard? It was a joke with Quaresma. We were in the sauna and I was shaving, I left a goatee and told him if I scored vs Spain, I won’t shave it until the end of the World Cup. It brought good luck and I scored vs Spain and today vs Morocco, so I’ll keep it!”

Source – Talksport


Why does Ronaldo have no beard?

We can only speculate on this question, because it’s not publicly known why Ronaldo doesn’t usually sport a beard.


1. Personal preference

Perhaps Cristiano simply does not like the rugged look that a beard brings, or he just has the preference of doing nothing particularly fancy with his face as opposed to other areas of his body like his head.

And the latter makes sense, because after all Ronaldo’s face is a major marketing tool that heavily works in his favor.

I know if I had a face that effectively marketed me to the rest of the world in the way that Ronaldo’s does, then I wouldn’t change a single thing about it.

After all, the saying goes “if it ain’t broke don’t fix it”!


2. Facial incompatibility

More so, Ronaldo’s facial features don’t lend themselves particularly well to having a beard.

First of all, he has a significantly visible jaw line that stands out well.

If he adopted the bearded look, the facial hair would take away the appeal that the noticeable jaw line has to offer.

Also, Ronaldo has a near oval-shaped face that’s smaller than the rest of his lower body.

Sporting a beard would look a bit odd, but that’s obviously just a matter of conjecture!


Does Ronaldo shave his face?

Ronaldo definitely shaves his face, there’s no doubt about that.

The science is clear in that most men grow facial hair, so it’s difficult to see the Portuguese man being an exception here.

He probably has a daily routine where he wakes up in the morning and applies aftershave himself, before trimming off the hair growth (if there is any) with an electric shaver or a purpose-built razor.


Wrap up

And that’s that!

This article has done its utmost best to answer the question of whether one of football’s most attractive and talented players is capable of growing facial hair.

Wouldn’t you agree?

Samuel Waihenya
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