Christian Pulisic Girlfriend – Is the American in a Relationship?

Christian Pulisic is a soccer player that Americans love.

It’s no secret that people in the country generally have an immense pride for their athletes who represent their nation across the rest of the world, and the situation isn’t at all different for the Chelsea player.

Pulisic is a man ascending towards his prime years as a male, and you wouldn’t be surprised to hear the player having a lot of suitors when it comes to the ladies.

After all, Pulisic ticks most of the usual boxes.

He can rock a scruffy bearded or clean-shaven look equally well, as seen from images of him in the past, not to mention the fact that he has a muscular body figure that the girls typically drool over.

Just take a look at these photos from a shoot that he did last year!

More so, Pulisic is really well off from a financial perspective, as the money he makes from playing soccer on a weekly basis is more than enough to live and lead a comfortable life with a female partner.

However, you’ll be surprised to know that the American isn’t currently seeing anyone romantically at present.

Currently, Christian Pulisic doesn’t have a girlfriend. Born in Hershey, Pennsylvania, the American has not personally disclosed his relationship status but many media outlets report him to be a single man who is ready to mingle if the opportunity arises.


Why is Christian Pulisic currently single?

Unless you had the opportunity to ask Pulisic himself about his relationship status, you wouldn’t be able to get a concrete answer!

But it’s possible to take a guess or two.


1. Circumstance

It’s quite fathomable that Christian Pulisic simply hasn’t found or met a person who he connects really well with on a romantic level.

Good things do indeed take time.

Establishing a solid rapport with someone isn’t something that happens in an instance, and progressing from a mutual friendship to a full-on romantic relationship can take months if not several years.

Pulisic may also be a picky person with a lot of pre-requisites that qualify someone as a person that he could be compatible with, which ultimately means that he may like to take more of his time getting to know people before choosing to move forward with a boyfriend-girlfriend situation.

But that’s pretty much just our own speculation.

What we can say is that Pulisic is a person with a big heart.

So much so that he has openly halted a post-match interview to stop security staff from whisking away a child who had made his way onto the pitch in search of a jersey autograph after a Borussia Dortmund fixture.

Have a look at that footage here:

He clearly cares about his fan base, and that love for people who support him is great to see.


2. Professional commitments

christian pulisic without girlfriend - possibly due to soccer

Christian Pulisic is without doubt a very busy man.

As a professional soccer player, he has a lot of responsibilities to shoulder for the sake of his career.

The 24-year-old is still young and probably hasn’t had much of an opportunity to explore the romantic side of life, particularly because of his ongoing commitments to physical fitness and attending competitive fixtures that his professional career currently dictates.

Soccer players can have very hectic schedules, as they travel to countries all across the world when representing their teams in matches.

With Chelsea involved in European competition, Pulisic has a timetable filled with plenty of things to do, which may not leave time for him to have a very social life outside of the game.


Has Christian Pulisic previously been involved in any romantic relationships?

Pulisic doesn’t appear to have had any advanced relationships that go beyond the platonic.

This is made evident by his own father – Mark Pulisic – who commented on the American’s status in an interview with Front Row Soccer that took place in 2017.

Here’s what he had to say about this particular subject:

“My son is 18. To say he’s the best or going to be the best, it’s ridiculous. My son’s so young. He hasn’t had a serious girlfriend yet. Who knows how he’s going to react to that part of his life?”

Source – Express Newspaper

His father said that Pulisic has never had what is called a “serious girlfriend” when responding to media comparisons that had been made between his son and the legendary American soccer player Landon Donovan.

Now of course, his father’s word shouldn’t necessarily be treated as gospel, particularly because young people are known to hide information about their relationships with other people from their parents.

But in this case, we’ll simply run with Pulisic being single and having not had a romantic relationship in his life before.


Why would you want to become Christian Pulisic’s girlfriend?

There are many reasons why you’d want to put yourself in the running to be Christian Pulisic’s significant other.

For starters, the American is a very charismatic person who appears to have an insatiable love for dogs!

Along with that, Pulisic is known for having a rather adventurous palate, which would open up several opportunities to enjoy different types of cuisine.

In fact, Christian Pulisic openly loves Chipotle which is one of America’s iconic fast foods.

He was made the first international ambassador for the Chipotle food chain, so if you like to eat Mexican-style burritos then Pulisic is the right person to go out on food dates with.

Another thing to mention is that Pulisic is quite a funny character, exemplified through his engaging TikTok videos where he shares some hilarious moments.

You certainly wouldn’t have a dull day in his company!


Final thoughts

That brings us to the end of this article on whether Christian Pulisic has a girlfriend.

Hopefully it will have shed some light for you on the players current relationship status, as well as provided you with some useful insight into Pulisic’s personal character.

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Samuel Waihenya
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