How Many Trophies Does Messi Have?

Lionel Messi is one of the most decorated soccer players of his generation.

The Argentinian maestro has had a stellar professional career so far, capped off with multiple trophy wins for the teams that he’s represented over the years.

In fact, Messi has won so many trophies for club and country that you can’t even count them with two hands!

Most players who participate in this sport on a professional level will be lucky to win just a couple over the span of their careers, so Messi is clearly one of those athletes in unchartered territory.

So, this article has been written to answer the common question of just how many trophies Lionel Messi have.

Let’s start with revealing the answer right away.

Lionel Messi has won a total of 41 titles ever since he made his competitive debut in 2005. The vast majority of those trophies were won when he played for FC Barcelona – 35 to be precise. He’s also managed to lift 4 trophies with the Argentinian national team, and his most recent achievement was the 2022 Trophee des Champions he won with Paris Saint Germain.

Read on for the full breakdown.


List of trophies that Lionel Messi has won

Messi has a massive trophy collection; it has to be said.

how many trophies messi has - 41

Here’s the full list of trophies he’s won ever since he started playing professional soccer as a 17-year-old.

12005FC Barcelona2004/2005 La Liga
22005Argentina2005 FIFA Under 20 World Cup
32006FC Barcelona2005/2006 La Liga
42006FC Barcelona2005/2006 UEFA Champions League
52006FC Barcelona2005/2006 Spanish Super Cup
62007FC Barcelona2006/2007 Spanish Super Cup
72008Argentina2008 Olympic Games
82009FC Barcelona2008/2009 Copa Del Rey
92009FC Barcelona2008/2009 La Liga
102009FC Barcelona2008/2009 UEFA Champions League
112010FC Barcelona2009/2010 La Liga
122010FC Barcelona2009/2010 Spanish Super Cup
132010FC Barcelona2009/2010 UEFA Super Cup
142010FC Barcelona2009/2010 FIFA Club World Cup
152011FC Barcelona2010/2011 UEFA Champions League
162011FC Barcelona2010/2011 La Liga
172011FC Barcelona2010/2011 Spanish Super Cup
182012FC Barcelona2011/2012 FIFA Club World Cup
192012FC Barcelona2011/2012 Copa Del Rey
202012FC Barcelona2011/2012 Spanish Super Cup
212012FC Barcelona2011/2012 UEFA Super Cup
222013FC Barcelona2012/2013 La Liga
232014FC Barcelona2013/2014 Spanish Super Cup
242015FC Barcelona2014/2015 La Liga
252015FC Barcelona2014/2015 Copa Del Rey
262015FC Barcelona2014/2015 UEFA Champions League
272016FC Barcelona2015/2016 UEFA Super Cup
282016FC Barcelona2015/2016 FIFA Club World Cup
292016FC Barcelona2015/2016 La Liga
302016FC Barcelona2015/2016 Copa Del Rey
312017FC Barcelona2016/2017 Spanish Super Cup
322017FC Barcelona2016/2017 Copa Del Rey
332018FC Barcelona2017/2018 Copa Del Rey
342018FC Barcelona2017/2018 La Liga
352019FC Barcelona2018/2019 Spanish Super Cup
362019FC Barcelona2018/2019 La Liga
372021FC Barcelona2020/2021 Copa Del Rey
382021Argentina2021 Copa America
392022Paris Saint Germain2021/2022 Ligue 1
402022Argentina2022 CONMEBOL-UEFA Cup of Champions
412022Paris Saint Germain2022 Trophee des Champions

Now Messi’s former Barcelona team mate – Dani Alves – is the soccer player with the most trophies in the history of the sport. Alves has a total of 42 titles to his name, but with Messi’s tally of 41, the man with the La Pulga nickname is close on the heels of the Brazilian.


How many trophies does Messi have with Argentina?

Messi has lifted four trophies with Argentina.

These are:

  • The 2005 FIFA Under 20 World Cup
  • The 2008 Olympic Games
  • The 2021 Copa America; and
  • The 2022 CONMEBOL UEFA Cup of Champions

One of those were for the prestigious Copa America competition which usually comprises of matches against South American teams that are played at high altitudes.


How many individual trophies does Messi have?

When it comes to personal honors, Messi also has an impressive collection of awards.

He has won a record total of 7 Ballon d’Or titles, which are handed out to the player with the best individual performance across a season.

You can check out our article on the past Ballon d’Or winners to see which years the Argentinian forward managed to pick up this individual award.


Who has won more trophies – Messi or Ronaldo?

Lionel Messi has won more trophies than Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Portuguese forward has 30 titles in his club career and a sum of 32 to his name overall, which Messi clearly surpasses with his impressive tally of 41.

It would take a miracle for Ronaldo to overtake Messi’s total here, as the Manchester United man doesn’t’ have much time left at the top especially at his age.


Wrap up

This article has clearly answered how many trophies Messi has won over the course of his career.

Hopefully the Argentine forward will be able to pick up a few more before he retires, so that he can surpass Dani Alves’ tally and cement himself as the most decorated soccer player in the history of the game.

With the FIFA World Cup coming up, Messi will be keen to add another international title to his list of honors, as his tally at international level pales in comparison to his batch of trophies won at club level.

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