How to Cut Soccer Socks the Right Way (5-Step Guide)

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Cutting soccer socks is not as difficult as many people think.

Of course, you don’t want to have fraying after the process is complete, because that would leave you in a bit of discomfort as you play.

Follow the process outlined below and put them on correctly to really improve your playing experience.


How do you cut soccer socks without fraying?

So, here’s the right way to cut your soccer socks:


Step #1 – Cut off the foot bed (base) of your team socks

That’s right!

We simply get right into it.

You’ll want to take a pair of scissors and snip through the bottom part of your over-the-calf socks.

Refer to the image below for reference on which area of the socks you should cut away:

how to cut soccer socks - use scissors to cut the base area of your team socks

Take note of the height were the cutting commences from, as we want to cut nicely across the area just above the ankle.

Now, it’s important to note that these aren’t your typical ankle or crew length socks.

The socks generally go past the knee area or sit right below it.

That should look something like this:


Step #2 – Melt the sock edges to avoid fraying

Once you’re done cutting both socks, you’ll simply trim the cut edges with the scissors to shorten the tiny bits of fabric sticking out of the sock layer.

After that, you’re going to want to take care of fraying.

For those of you reading this that don’t know what this is, fraying is when a fabric unravels or becomes significantly worn at the edges.

The threads in a piece of cloth become slightly separated, which leads to loose threads forming at the edges or ends of the material.

If you don’t take care of these loose threads, you’ll suffer from discomfort as you run on the pitch as the loose ends of fabric rub against your skin.

To remedy this, you’ll want to grab a lighter and burn off those loose ends.

how to cut soccer socks - melt the sock edges to avoid fraying

The purpose of the lighter is to melt the edges of the team sock, so that the sock tape you apply after does not unravel or ruin the ends of the sock when you have to remove it.

What you’ll be left with is smooth edges where you’ve done the cutting, like so:


Step #3 – Wear your preferred grip-enhancing sock

The next step involves simply putting on your alternative socks of choice.

A good rule of thumb here is that the performance socks that you wear should not go higher than the mid-shin area of your leg, as well as no lower than above the ankle.

You’ve got a couple of options here, such as Trusox:

Trusox Mid-Calf Crew Cushion
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  • HEEL WILL STAY IN CLEAT - INEXtech non slip pads secure your heel in place and it will not slip out of your cleats during the game or training session
  • PREVENT BLISTERS - your feet with grip socks will no longer slide around in your cleats and will reduce the possibility of getting blisters playing soccer, football, rugby, lacrosse, cricket, baseball or basketball
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  • HOW TO WEAR: Since TRUsox simultaneously grip your foot and footwear, they must be worn with direct contact to both the foot and shoe
  • THIN VS CUSHIONED: Thin version is worn with newer boots that are tighter on the foot. Cushioned best for boots that have been broken in

Those socks should give you a good visualization of the length we’re talking about here.


Step #4 – Pull the cut socks over the grip-enhancing socks like a leg sleeve

This point is pretty self-explanatory.

Once you’ve got your first pair of socks worn, it’s time to slip on the over-the-calf socks that you just cut and trimmed.

They should fit over your leg like a compression sleeve.

Your end result should be as follows:


Step #5 – Apply tape around your ankles

Finally, you can put a bit of sock tape around your ankles.

What this does is connect the end of your recently cut over-the-calf socks to your performance socks.

how to cut soccer socks - finish with sock tape to secure the fit

Although, this step is entirely optional, as whether you choose to implement it depends on the overall look and feel that you’re going for.

By the way, you can purchase the tape for this step on Amazon.

Use the product link below as a starting point:

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Video summary on how to cut a pair of soccer socks

To see all of the aforementioned steps put together, check out the video footage we’ve included below:


Do professional soccer players cut their socks?

As a matter of fact, they do!

Multiple players used to cut their socks, including the likes of:

  • Cristiano Ronaldo;
  • Nani; and
  • Eden Hazard

Here are some photos which show this to be the case:



That brings us to the end of this informative guide on how to cut your soccer socks.

Hopefully the steps outlined in the article, along with the instructional imagery, made sense to you.

With a pair of scissors, crew length and over-the-calf length socks, a lighter and some sock tape, you should be able to achieve the cut look that some professional players manage to pull off.

You can now step on to the field with your cut soccer socks and enjoy the game just how you envisioned it.

Samuel Waihenya
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