The Jose Mourinho Meme Explained

Jose Mourinho is well renowned for his public confidence.

The Portuguese manager – who currently coaches the Italian side AS Roma – has had many viral moments in his career.

From outbursts at referees who supposedly made dubious decisions in fixtures he was a part of, to excessively gloating when his team manages to get the better of the opposition, Mourinho has done it all.

However, Mourinho’s originality appears to know no bounds.

This article will talk about this topic further, as the man has managed to make another popular meme out of simply stating his identity!

Now you’re probably looking at your mobile or desktop screen wondering, what does this mean?

Well, read on to find out.

The “I am Jose Mourinho” meme is a famous quote stated by Jose Mourinho himself in an advertisement for Topps stickers. By reciting those four words, he was able to present himself as a highly egotistical managerial genius who would have no problem coaching all the teams set to participate in the upcoming UEFA Euro 2024 tournament.


Why does he say “I am Jose Mourinho”?

Jose Mourinho tells the viewers his name in a really punchy opening statement for dramatic effect.

jose mourinho meme - topps advertisement

If you’ve followed soccer for some time, you’ll definitely know all about his established stature within the sport as well as the long list of trophies that he’s managed to win.

Some of his biggest accolades include:

He’s the very definition of a winning coach, because of his ability to triumph in virtually every competitive league he sets foot in.

Which is why when you see him set the scene with his opening comment, giving viewers an insight into his managerial success whilst clutching onto his own memoirs, you’re basically left in awe of what he has to say.

This is great for Topps advertising as the dramatic effect is able to drive in massive viewership figures that will ultimately help them sell more of their upcoming merchandise.

For more context on this moment, check out video footage of the short advert below:

That makes sense now, right?

He was going for a punchline right from the get go, and managed to pull it off with just the right amount of charisma.

Over 2 million views on YouTube just shows the sort of reach Mourinho brings to the table with his off-field endorsements.


How did the “I am Jose Mourinho” trend go viral on TikTok?

On the 6th of April 2022, Jose Mourinho starred in a Topps advert for their UEFA Euro 2024 player sticker album which aims to get fans engaged with the upcoming tournament on a deeper level.

As a man who often makes the headlines, Jose Mourinho goes ahead and announces who he is with four simple words – I am Jose Mourinho.

The opening to the advert was as close to perfection as can be, and when video views of the advert on the Topps YouTube channel rose like wildfire, the virality spread to the rest of social media as footage of the advert was shared on platforms like TikTok.

Because people can edit and post their own original video content on TikTok, it didn’t take long for users of the platform to extract the best bit of the advert and use it for their own work.

Users began dubbing the impressive soundbite over their own videos where they showcase a way in which they’ve produced a “comedic tactical masterclass”, so to speak.

For example, some people use the line to give themselves an aura of invincibility when it comes to physical fitness, boasting that they don’t need to go for gym sessions in order to keep in shape!

Here are some good cases in point:


Where can you watch the Jose Mourinho meme?

It’s already available on YouTube, as you can see from the embed above.

You’ve also got other social media platforms like TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Reddit where people are able to give their own personal twist on this now iconic statement.

The meme potential of this line simply knows no bounds, as it has the potential to be included in opinions about a variety of different topics like dating, dieting, budgeting and even studying.


Final thoughts

Jose Mourinho must be given a lot of credit.

His ability to get soccer fans regularly talking about his antics is probably second to none.

If you’ve enjoyed reading through this short article, then there’s no doubt you’ll be left even more astonished by reading through his famous press conference rant.

Samuel Waihenya
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