Leicester City Transfer Reliability Guide

Under the stewardship of talented manager Brendan Rodgers, Leicester city have begun to consistently “knock on the door” of automatic Champions League qualification places.

Their 2016 title win was a fairy tale story that became an amazing reality, and many predicted that the club would later languish back into mid table mediocrity, with the occasional relegation battle after the bigger clubs successfully poach their best players.

However, over the last two seasons they’ve come 5th in the Premier League standings, only missing out on immediate entry into the highest level of European football by 1 point last year and by 4 points in the 2019-2020 campaign.

Their ascendency in stature and global appeal has seen them become a more attractive destination for talent across Europe and the rest of the world.

So, I thought I’d take a look at the journalists and media sources that can be relied upon when it comes to the subject of reporting on Leicester’s transfer stories.

Here’s the Leicester transfer reliability guide:


Leicester transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.lcfc.comTier 0
John PercyDaily Telegraph & Sunday TelegraphTier 1
Rob TannerThe GuardianTier 2
Rob DorsettSky SportsTier 2
The GuardianUnited KingdomTier 2
Leicester MercuryUnited KingdomTier 3
The AthleticUnited KingdomTier 3
Sky SportsUnited KingdomTier 3
BBC SportsUnited KingdomTier 3
The GuardianUnited KingdomTier 3
The TelegraphUnited KingdomTier 3
The TimesUnited KingdomTier 3
Sean From EnderbyTwitter: @seanfromenderbyTier 3
Daily ExpressUnited KingdomTier 4
The IndependentUnited KingdomTier 4
Daily StarUnited KingdomTier 4
Daily MailUnited KingdomTier 4
The SunUnited KingdomTier 5



Ultimately, John Percy is the man you’ll want to keep tabs on as he’s the only person who makes the tier 1 grade for the club at this moment in time.

Also as you can see from the table above, other journalists to follow who are fairly reliable for Leicester news include Rob Tanner and Rob Dorsett.


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