The Lewangoalski Meme Explained

Robert Lewandowski is one of soccer’s greatest strikers, as the Polish international has a serious knack for being able to find the back of the net.

The Barcelona center forward was known for breaking all sorts of goal scoring records during his time in the German Bundesliga with Bayern Munich.

You can be pretty sure that a few of the defenders in that division were thankful that he moved away to Spain!

But what’s quite funny about Robert is that his stellar performances have led to the creation of a hilarious meme that’s meant to playfully make fun of his ability.

Now, you’re probably wondering…

Why would people make a joke about one of the most prolific forwards of the past decade?

Well, you’re guess is certainly as good as mine!

But in the world of soccer, these things do happen.

This article will now briefly explain the Lewandowski meme and offer some insight into its origin.

So, let’s start with a short synopsis…

The Lewangoalski meme is a light hearted quip aimed at Polish international striker Robert Lewandowski. His former Bayern Munich team mate – Thomas Muller – invented the name as a way of making fun of Lewandowski’s immense goal scoring ability.


When did the Lewangoalski joke first originate?

It was back in the year 2020 when Robert Lewandowski still played for the Bavarian giants.

Bayern Munich stormed to an emphatic eight-goal victory over La Liga giants Barcelona in the UEFA Champions League, with Lewandowski bagging a solitary goal in this very one-sided fixture.

lewangoalski meme origin - bayern munich beating barcelona at camp nou

What’s funny about this is that such a result wasn’t a surprise to anyone that’s been following Bayern Munich and their domestic league dominance over the years.

The team play scintillating attacking soccer and are able to break down defensive opponents with plenty of regularity.

So, facing up against a possession-oriented team like Barcelona who like to play a high line and have a high block presented lots of opportunities for the Bayern lads to get on the scoresheet.

Which is what the German side did, as they punished their Champions League title rivals at their own home stadium.

In the post-match press conference that took place after the game had concluded, Thomas Muller coined the “Lewangoalski” term.

Here’s the video which showcases this exact moment at around the 17-minute mark:

If you’re not interested in watching the video, then don’t worry as we’ve got a quote for you:

“We at Bayern have Robert LewanGOALski. You know, Robert LewanGOALski.”

Source – The Sun

Unfortunately for Muller, the journalists who were present in the room weren’t falling off their seats in bouts of laughter as a result of his witty pun.


Has there been further use of the Lewangoalski pun?

Indeed, there has!

Once again, Thomas Muller thought it was very prudent to remind his social media followers of Robert Lewandowski’s greatness following Bayern Munich’s thumping five-goal victory over Eintracht Frankfurt in a German Bundesliga fixture.

Here’s the tweet that he put out then:

In this particular fixture, Robert Lewandowski netted a hattrick, which wasn’t really a surprise to those who’ve watched the forward play over the years.


Closing thoughts

That pretty much wraps up the topic of the Lewangoalski meme.

Most players who happen to get “meme’d” come under scrutiny due to their on-field performances.

You only have to look at another hilarious case concerning a former Manchester United defender to see how negative these things can become.

Fortunately for Robert Lewandowski, he’s the main character of a joke that revolves around how good he is as a soccer player.

Samuel Waihenya
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