Ligue 1 Golden Boot Winners (1932 – 2022)

The French league has always been up there as one of Europe’s and the world’s premier soccer divisions.

Results from recent years have shown that Ligue 1 is a fiercely competitive league outside of first place.

You’ve got teams like AS Monaco, Olympique Lyonnais, LOSC Lille, Olympique de Marseille and OGC Nice all battling to finish within the top two spots.

Those positional standings guarantee financially lucrative UEFA Champions League qualification, so players representing their clubs in France leave everything on the pitch.

Now, this article has been written with a focus on Ligue 1’s Golden Boot winners ever since the league’s inception.

The division has been home to some of the world’s most talented stars, and it’s quite interesting to see which players have scored the most goals in this competition over the years.

Which is why this post will provide readers with the information that they came here for.

So, let’s get started…

SeasonPlayerTeam(s)Goals Scored
1932/1933Walter KaiserStade Rennes15
1932/1933Robert MercierClub Francais Paris15
1933/1934István LukácsFC Sète28
1934/1935André AbegglenFC Sochaux30
1935/1936Roger CourtoisFC Sochaux34
1936/1937Oskar RohrRC Strasbourg30
1937/1938Jean NicolasFC Rouen26
1938/1939Roger CourtoisFC Sochaux27
1938/1939Désiré KoranyiFC Sète27
1945/1946Rene BihelLille OSC28
1946/1947Pierre SinibaldiStade de Reims33
1947/1948Jean BaratteLille OSC31
1948/1949Jean BaratteLille OSC26
1948/1949Pépi HumpalFC Sochaux26
1949/1950Jean GrumellonStade Rennes25
1950/1951Roger PiantoniAS Nancy27
1950/1951Jean CourteauxOGC Nice27
1951/1952Gunnar AnderssonOlympique de Marseille31
1952/1953Gunnar AnderssonOlympique de Marseille35
1953/1954Édouard KarguGirondins Bordeaux27
1954/1955René BliardStade de Reims30
1955/1956Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France Football31
1956/1957Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France Football33
1957/1958Just FontaineStade de Reims34
1958/1959Thadée CisowskiRacing Club de France Football30
1959/1960Just FontaineStade de Reims28
1960/1961Roger PiantoniStade de Reims28
1961/1962Sékou TouréMontpellier25
1962/1963Serge MasnaghettiValenciennes FC35
1963/1964Ahmed OudjaniRC Lens30
1964/1965Jacques SimonFC Nantes24
1965/1966Philippe GondetFC Nantes36
1966/1967Hervé RevelliSaint-Étienne31
1967/1968Étienne SansonettiAC Ajaccio26
1968/1969André GuyOlympique Lyon25
1969/1970Hervé RevelliSaint-Étienne28
1970/1971Josip SkoblarOlympique de Marseille44
1971/1972Josip SkoblarOlympique de Marseille30
1972/1973Josip SkoblarOlympique de Marseille26
1973/1974Carlos BianchiStade de Reims30
1974/1975Delio OnnisAS Monaco30
1975/1976Carlos BianchiStade de Reims34
1976/1977Carlos BianchiStade de Reims28
1977/1978Carlos BianchiParis Saint Germain37
1978/1979Carlos BianchiParis Saint Germain27
1979/1980Erwin KosteddeStade Lavallois21
1979/1980Delio OnnisAS Monaco21
1980/1981Delio OnnisTours FC24
1981/1982Delio OnnisTours FC29
1982/1983Vahid HalilhodžićFC Nantes27
1983/1984Patrice GarandeAuxerre21
1983/1984Delio OnnisSC Toulon21
1984/1985Vahid HalilhodžićFC Nantes28
1985/1986Jules BocandéFC Metz23
1986/1987Bernard ZénierFC Metz18
1987/1988Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique de Marseille19
1988/1989Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique de Marseille22
1989/1990Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique de Marseille30
1990/1991Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique de Marseille23
1991/1992Jean-Pierre PapinOlympique de Marseille27
1992/1993Alen BokšićOlympique de Marseille23
1993/1994Roger BoliRC Lens20
1993/1994Youri DjorkaeffAS Monaco20
1993/1994Nicolas OuédecFC Nantes20
1994/1995Patrice LokoFC Nantes22
1995/1996Sonny AndersonAS Monaco21
1996/1997Stéphane Guivarc'hStade Rennes21
1997/1998Stéphane Guivarc'hStade Rennes21
1998/1999Sylvain WiltordGirondins Bordeaux22
1999/2000Sonny AndersonOlympique Lyon23
2000/2001Sonny AndersonOlympique Lyon22
2001/2002Djibril CisséAuxerre22
2001/2002PauletaGirondins Bordeaux22
2002/2003Shabani NondaAS Monaco26
2003/2004Djibril CisséAuxerre26
2004/2005Alexander FreiStade Rennes20
2005/2006PauletaParis Saint Germain21
2006/2007PauletaParis Saint Germain15
2007/2008Karim BenzemaOlympique Lyon20
2008/2009André-Pierre GignacToulouse FC24
2009/2010Mamadou NiangOlympique de Marseille18
2010/2011Moussa SowLille OSC25
2011/2012Olivier GiroudMontpellier21
2011/2012NenêParis Saint Germain21
2012/2013Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint Germain30
2013/2014Zlatan IbrahimovićParis Saint Germain26
2014/2015Alexandre LacazetteOlympique Lyon27
2015/2016Zlatan IbrahimovicParis Saint Germain38
2016/2017Edinson CavaniParis Saint Germain35
2017/2018Edinson CavaniParis Saint Germain28
2018/2019Kylian MbappéParis Saint Germain33
2019/2020Kylian MbappéParis Saint Germain18
2019/2020Wissam Ben YedderAS Monaco18
2020/2021Kylian MbappéParis Saint Germain27
2021/2022Kylian MbappéParis Saint Germain28


Which player has won the most Ligue 1 Golden Boot awards?

Here we actually have a tie between two players!

Jean-Pierre Papin, Carlos Bianchi and Delio Onnis each have five Ligue 1 Golden Boot awards to their names.

5 time ligue 1 golden boot winner - jean pierre papin

Naturally, you wouldn’t think about going back deep into the history books to look for the player with the most Golden Boot awards.

Because players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic, Edinson Cavani and now Kylian Mbappe have been so dominant in this division for a number of years.

But in this case, you have to look to the past when Paris Saint Germain’s competitive stranglehold over the league wasn’t yet established.

Also have a look at the table below, as it highlights those that have won this award the most, beyond the aforementioned players who each have five Golden Boots to their names:

PlayerGolden Boot AwardsClub(s)
Jean-Pierre Papin5Olympique de Marseille
Carlos Bianchi5Stade de Reims; Paris Saint Germain
Delio Onnis5AS Monaco; Paris Saint Germain; Toulon FC
Kylian Mbappé4Paris Saint Germain
Zlatan Ibrahimović3Paris Saint Germain
Pauleta3Paris Saint Germain; Girondins Bordeaux
Sonny Anderson3Olympique Lyon
Josip Skoblar3Olympique de Marseille
Thadée Cisowski3Racing Club de France Football
Roger Courtois2FC Sochaux
Jean Baratte2Lille OSC
Gunnar Andersson2Olympique de Marseille
Just Fontaine2Stade de Reims
Roger Piantoni2Stade de Reims; FC Nancy
Hervé Revelli2Saint-Étienne
Vahid Halilhodžić2FC Nantes
Stéphane Guivarc'h2Stade Rennes; Auxerre
Djibril Cissé2Auxerre
Edinson Cavani2Paris Saint Germain


Who won the Ligue 1 Golden Boot in 2021?

The recently concluded 2020/2021 campaign threw up a very big surprise.

For once, Paris Saint Germain didn’t win the league on top of the table as they finished below LOSC Lille who managed 83 points to the latter’s 82.

It was certainly a shock for those who’ve been following this competition for some time.

But when it came to the Golden Boot award, Paris Saint Germain still topped the charts.

Kylian Mbappe won the 2021 Ligue 1 Golden Boot trophy as he managed to score 27 goals over the course of the season.

multiple time ligue 1 golden boot winner - kylian mbappe

In addition, Mbappe has won this award on two previous occasions.

If the Frenchman decides to remain at Paris Saint Germain for a couple more years, there’s a very strong likelihood that he could surpass the five-time Ligue 1 Golden Boot winner record that currently stands the test of time.


Who is the current top scorer of French Ligue 1?

Update: Mbappe has clinched the 2021/2022 Ligue 1 top scorer award as well, taking his personal tally to four awards.

This season has been a very close fought battle when it comes to the goal scoring charts.

At the time of writing, Kylian Mbappe tops the standings with 22 goals.

Edit: He finished at 28 goals and 17 assists

Although he’s being followed closely by Martin Terrier of Rennes, who is just one behind him at 21 goals.

In all likelihood, Mbappe will make it four Golden Boot Awards once the season concludes, as Paris Saint Germain are stacked with attacking talent like Neymar and Lionel Messi who can both supply the French forward with scoring chances.


Final thoughts

That marks the end of this short post on Ligue 1 Golden Boot winners.

Get acquainted with the Italian league’s top goal scorers as well.

Samuel Waihenya
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