Phil Jones Funny Face – Meme Explained

Phil Jones is a name you don’t often hear about in soccer circles these days, owing particularly to the fact that he rarely if ever makes the starting eleven for Manchester United.

The former England international has had an injury-ridden professional career which has significantly limited his game time over the last few seasons.

Come to think of it, Jones only had an extended run in the Manchester United first team when Jose Mourinho was at the helm.

But even that short period of good health was cut short to yet another injury.

So, Phil Jones isn’t a player you’ll hear about or see making the sports headlines.

However, there’s one thing about the player that makes him ever so popular even when he’s out of action on the treatment table.

Phil Jones is a peddle-to-the-metal type soccer player who gives his absolute best effort on the pitch. This leads to him making several funny facial expressions during games that typify the level of dedication and determination he has in helping his team succeed.

Let’s now explore this topic a little more!


When did Phil Jones make his first funny face?

The first picture of Phil Jones making a hilarious facial expression can be traced back to a Premier League derby clash between his Manchester United team and fierce rivals Manchester City in 2013.

In a tightly contested fixture, the memorable moment came when Sergio Aguero accelerated past Phil Jones to smash the ball into the net past a stranded David De Gea.

During that play, Jones flung himself to the ground in a desperate attempt to get a block on Aguero’s shot although that effort was sadly in vain.

Here’s the viral image that birthed a meme which will be remembered now and for many years to come:

phil jones funny face origin - manchester derby in 2013

Just look at that face!

What’s also quite funny is that fans took to social media to draw comparisons between Jones’ facial expression and other comical television characters.

One of these is a side by side comparison between Jones and the cartoon character Beaker from the Muppets.

People say that the face Jones pulls when he fails to stop his opponent Aguero from scoring is similar to the reaction of Beaker whenever he gets electrocuted in the laboratory.

Check out how that looks like below:

phil jones funny face comparison - beaker from muppets cartoon show


Why does Phil Jones make funny faces when he plays?

Now you may be wondering…

Why does Phil Jones make these strange facial expressions when he plays, yet other soccer players don’t do the same?

Well, the answer pretty much boils down to two things.


1. Habit

As human beings we sometimes tend to do certain things more often than not or in a particular way.

This is what is known as habit – something that you do often and regularly and sometimes without knowing that you’re doing it.

Of course, the last past of the previous sentence checks out perfectly with Phil Jones’ own behavior.

He pulls those gurn-like faces without breaking a sweat and purely on his own instinct.

Therefore, the funny faces made by Phil Jones are part of who he is as a player.


2. Steely determination

Another possible reason for Phil Jones giving us fans the comic relief that we sometimes desire can be pinned down to his own determined attitude.

Jones is a player who undoubtedly gives it his all on the pitch.

You’ll find him going in for sliding tackles aerial challenges without the slightest hesitation, because he’s a player who battles his way through games.

Just think about the expressions you make with your face when you’re trying so hard to open a juice or soda bottle that has a tightly fitted cap (lid).

You’ll probably pull a grotesque face or even let out a tiny squeal as you try to open the object so that you can quench your thirst.

In a similar way, Jones makes faces when he tries to complete difficult tasks on the soccer pitch.

Whether that’s making a crucial block or interception by throwing his body in the way of the soccer ball, or even when he’s jostling with an opponent in the penalty area whilst waiting for a corner or free kick to be swung into the box.

Ultimately, the drive that Jones has to doing his best for the team causes him to pull of these fascinating expressions.


Phil Jones face tackle compilations

Now here’s the bets part of the article.

Have a look through this video as it compiles all the best moments where Phil Jones has made a funny expression with his face:

And here’s another one:

It’s so funny to see Jones has even confessed to having received mockery from some of his mates in the team WhatsApp group!

Although Jones himself doesn’t seem to mind this, based on what he’s had to say on the matter in the past:

“It’s banter, my mates banter me all the time about it. It is what it is. I’m not too fussed about that either. My mates send me pictures every single night on the WhatsApp group taking the mick out of me. It’s banter, it is what it is. It doesn’t bother me.”

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Can any other soccer player make funny faces?

Phil Jones definitely isn’t the only player to have pulled a weird looking face be it on the pitch or off of it.

In fact, one particular French football legend was well known for doing the same.

Samuel Waihenya
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