Real Madrid Transfer Reliability Guide

With every summer and winter window, whispers of transfer deals concerning Spanish giants Real Madrid are wildly rampant.

The club is so popular that nearly every hot prospect and established star gets linked to them, as the attractiveness of representing Los Blancos on a weekly basis is a massive draw.

We’re going to show you a transfer reliability guide that will provide you with the insight on the most trusted media and journalistic sources of information for the La Liga giants.

So, let’s take a look…


Real Madrid transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.realmadrid.comTier 0
Jose Luis SanchezRadio MARCATier 1
Melchor RuizCOPETier 1
Arancha RodriguezCOPETier 1
Fabrizio RomanoSky Sports ItaliaTier 1
Alfredo PedullaItalyTier 1
James PearceLiverpool EchoTier 1
Paul JoyceThe TimesTier 1
Romeo AgrestiItalyTier 1
Kristof TerreurBelgiumTier 1
David OrnsteinThe AthleticTier 1
Mohamed BouhafsiRMC SportTier 1
Gianluca Di MarzioSky Sports ItaliaTier 1
Simon StoneBBC SportTier 1
COPESpainTier 2
Sid LoweFreelanceTier 2
MARCASpainTier 2
Sergio ValentinEl Primer PaloTier 2
Jose Felix DiazMARCATier 2
Edu PidalSpainTier 2
Miguel Angel DiazCOPETier 2
Edu PoloMundo DeportivoTier 2
Matt LawThe TelegraphTier 2
Sam LeeGoal.comTier 2
Dan KilpatrickESPNTier 2
James DuckerThe TelegraphTier 2
Melissa ReddyGoal.comTier 2
Simon MullockThe MirrorTier 2
Raphael HonigsteinSky GermanyTier 2
Der WestenGermanyTier 2
Sky Sport ItaliaItalyTier 2
BILDGermanyTier 2
RMC SportFranceTier 2
oJogoPortugalTier 2
Le ParisienFranceTier 2
beIN SPORTSQatarTier 2
Leverkusener AnzeigerGermanyTier 2
Cadena SERSpainTier 3
David GarridoSkyRevistaTier 3
Onda CeroSpainTier 3
El TransistorSpainTier 3
Josep PedrerolSpainTier 3
Manu SainzASTier 3
Carlos CarpioMARCATier 3
Gerard RomeroRAC1Tier 3
Nacho PeñaDirectTV SportsTier 3
Jorge Calabréselbernabeu.comTier 3
Manu SainzASTier 3
Edu AguirreEl ChiringuitoTier 3
The TelegraphUnited KingdomTier 3
The GuardianUnited KingdomTier 3
The IndependentUnited KingdomTier 3
Sky SportsUnited KingdomTier 3
Calcio MercatoItalyTier 3
Corriere dello SportItalyTier 3
Sport1GermanyTier 3
Gazzetta dello SportItalyTier 3
aBolaPortugalTier 3
RecordPortugalTier 3
L'EquipeFranceTier 3
Lucas NavaretteManaging MadridTier 4
Diego MartinezDiario ASTier 4
ASSpainTier 4
Radio CatalunyaBarcelonaTier 4
Mundo DeportivoSpainTier 4
RAC1SpainTier 4
El Golazo de GolSpainTier 4
El Primer PaloSpainTier 4
abc.esSpainTier 4
Mootaz ChehadeSpainTier 4
El ChiringuitoSpainTier 4
Ben HaywardGoal.comTier 4 4
TalkSPORTUK & IrelandTier 4
Dermott CorriganESPNTier 4
TuttosportItalyTier 4
Jose Alvarez HayaEl ChiringuitoTier 5
Guillem BalagueSky Sports / FreelanceTier 5
Rafael HernandezSpainTier 5
SPORTSpainTier 5
Don BalonSpainTier 5
Diario GolN/ATier 5


Is El Chiringuito reliable?

El Chiringuito de Jugones is a TV program based around debate and analysis pertaining to La Liga, and they usually have a number of interviews involving some of the most prominent figures within the sport.

Their Twitter account is known to break stories concerning Real Madrid transfer dealings but their information should be taken with a large pinch of salt.

According to the updated tier list above, they rank in the fourth level of reliability which means that they shouldn’t be trusted.

However, the channel has a couple of journalists that have demonstrated a bit more dependability, namely:

  • Josep Pedrerol (tier 3)
  • Edu Aguirre (tier 3)

But on the flip side, El Chiringuito has a journalist called Jose Alvarez Haya who ranks in the bottom tier 5 for Real Madrid transfer reliability.

So when it comes to evaluating El Chiringuito as a whole, people must use discretion as their trustworthiness ranges from average to terrible depending on the journalist that is reporting the news.


Is Manu Sainz reliable?

Mr. Sainz is a journalist who works for the Spanish news source called AS.

He features as part of tier 3 which is halfway between the golden standard of accuracy and the trenches of untrustworthiness.

Once again, stories and information that come from Manu Sainz should prompt further inspection through the use of tier 1 parties and publications.

Samuel Waihenya
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