Serie A Golden Boot Winners (1923 – 2022)

The Italian soccer league is perceived by many soccer fans as very tactical and slower paced, especially when compared stylistically against some of the other divisions within Europe.

And that reputation certainly isn’t misplaced, because a lot of teams are well drilled on concepts that involve denying opponents time and space to make attacking plays.

You’d therefore expect that Serie A Golden Boot winners wouldn’t rack up huge goal tallies across the course of single campaigns.

After all, defenses within this league are well equipped to deal with all sorts of offensive threats, right?


Since the 2015-2016 season, every winner of the Serie A Golden Boot has netted more than 25 goals, which is no easy feat.

Here’s a closer look at the complete list of winners since 1923:

SeasonPlayerTeam(s)Goals Scored
1923/1924Heinrich SchönfeldTorino22
1924/1925Mario MagnozziLivorno19
1925/1926Ferenc HirzerJuventus35
1926/1927Anton PowolnyInter Milan22
1927/1928Julio LibonattiTorino35
1928/1929Gino RossettiTorino36
1929/1930Giuseppe MeazzaInter Milan31
1930/1931Rodolfo VolkAS Roma29
1931/1932Pedro PetroneFiorentina25
1931/1932Angelo SchiavioBologna FC25
1932/1933Felice BorelJuventus29
1933/1934Felice BorelJuventus32
1934/1935Enrico GuaitaAS Roma28
1935/1936Giuseppe MeazzaInter Milan25
1936/1937Silvio PiolaLazio21
1937/1938Giuseppe MeazzaInter Milan20
1938/1939Héctor PuricelliBologna FC19
1938/1939Aldo BoffiAC Milan19
1939/1940Aldo BoffiAC Milan24
1940/1941Héctor PuricelliBologna FC22
1941/1942Aldo BoffiAC Milan22
1942/1943Silvio PiolaLazio21
1945/1946Guglielmo GabettoTorino22
1946/1947Valentino MazzolaTorino29
1947/1948Giampiero BonipertiJuventus27
1948/1949Stefano NyersInter Milan26
1949/1950Gunnar NordahlAC Milan35
1950/1951Gunnar NordahlAC Milan34
1951/1952John HansenJuventus30
1952/1953Gunnar NordahlAC Milan26
1953/1954Gunnar NordahlAC Milan23
1954/1955Gunnar NordahlAC Milan27
1955/1956Gino PivatelliBologna FC29
1956/1957Dino da CostaAS Roma22
1957/1958John CharlesJuventus28
1958/1959Antonio Valentín AngelilloInter Milan33
1959/1960Omar SívoriJuventus28
1960/1961Sergio BrighentiSampdoria27
1961/1962Aurelio MilaniFiorentina22
1961/1962José AltafiniAC Milan22
1962/1963Pedro ManfrediniAS Roma19
1962/1963Harald NielsenBologna FC19
1963/1964Harald NielsenBologna FC21
1964/1965Alberto OrlandoFiorentina17
1964/1965Sandro MazzolaInter Milan17
1965/1966Luis VinicioVicenza Calcio25
1966/1967Gigi RivaCagliari18
1967/1968Pierino PratiAC Milan15
1968/1969Gigi RivaCagliari21
1969/1970Gigi RivaCagliari21
1970/1971Roberto BoninsegnaInter Milan24
1971/1972Roberto BoninsegnaInter Milan22
1972/1973Paolino PuliciTorino17
1972/1973Gianni RiveraAC Milan17
1972/1973Giuseppe SavoldiBologna FC17
1973/1974Giorgio ChinagliaLazio24
1974/1975Paolino PuliciTorino18
1975/1976Paolino PuliciTorino21
1976/1977Francesco GrazianiTorino21
1977/1978Paolo RossiVicenza Calcio24
1978/1979Bruno GiordanoLazio19
1979/1980Roberto BettegaJuventus16
1980/1981Roberto PruzzoAS Roma18
1981/1982Roberto PruzzoAS Roma15
1982/1983Michel PlatiniJuventus16
1983/1984Michel PlatiniJuventus20
1984/1985Michel PlatiniJuventus18
1985/1986Roberto PruzzoAS Roma19
1986/1987Pietro Paolo VirdisAC Milan17
1987/1988Diego MaradonaNapoli15
1988/1989Aldo SerenaInter Milan22
1989/1990Marco van BastenAC Milan19
1990/1991Gianluca VialliSampdoria19
1991/1992Marco van BastenAC Milan25
1992/1993Giuseppe SignoriLazio26
1993/1994Giuseppe SignoriLazio23
1994/1995Gabriel BatistutaFiorentina26
1995/1996Giuseppe SignoriLazio24
1995/1996Igor ProttiBari24
1996/1997Filippo InzaghiAtalanta24
1997/1998Oliver BierhoffUdinese27
1998/1999Márcio AmorosoUdinese22
1999/2000Andriy ShevchenkoAC Milan24
2000/2001Hernán CrespoLazio26
2001/2002Dario HübnerPiacenza Calcio24
2001/2002David TrezeguetJuventus24
2002/2003Christian VieriInter Milan24
2003/2004Andriy ShevchenkoAC Milan24
2004/2005Cristiano LucarelliLivorno24
2005/2006Luca ToniFiorentina31
2006/2007Francesco TottiAS Roma26
2007/2008Alessandro Del PieroJuventus21
2008/2009Zlatan IbrahimovićInter Milan25
2009/2010Antonio Di NataleUdinese29
2010/2011Antonio Di NataleUdinese28
2011/2012Zlatan IbrahimovićAC Milan28
2012/2013Edinson CavaniNapoli29
2013/2014Ciro ImmobileTorino22
2014/2015Luca ToniHellas Verona22
2015/2016Gonzalo HiguaínNapoli36
2016/2017Edin DžekoAS Roma29
2017/2018Ciro ImmobileLazio29
2017/2018Mauro IcardiInter Milan29
2018/2019Fabio QuagliarellaSampdoria26
2019/2020Ciro ImmobileLazio36
2020/2021Cristiano RonaldoJuventus29
2021/2022Ciro ImmobileLazio27


Who has won the most Golden Boots in Serie A?

Some of you will want to know the answer to this question, and rightly so.

It’s fascinating to know which players have been able to perform consistently well when it comes to goal scoring across multiple seasons.

Right then, let’s cut right to the chase.

A former Swedish player who goes by the name of Gunnar Nordahl has won the top scorer trophy in Italy the most times, as he claimed the prestigious award a total of five times.

5 time serie a golden boot winner - gunnar nordahl

Nordahl plied his trade for AC Milan and AS Roma within Italy, notching an impressive tally of 210 and 15 goals for both respective sides.

Update: In second place we now have Ciro Immobile, who managed 27 goals in the past campaign to claim his fourth top scorer award in the competition.

Below him, the third place spot is tied between multiple players here, such as:

  • Giuseppe Meazza 
  • Michel Platini
  • Aldo Boffi
  • Gigi Riva
  • Paolo Pulici
  • Roberto Pruzzo
  • Giuseppe Signori

All of these players have won the top scorer award three times.

Here’s how that list ultimately stacks up:

PlayerGolden Boot AwardsClub(s)
Gunnar Nordahl5AC Milan
Ciro Immobile4Torino; Lazio
Giuseppe Meazza3Inter Milan
Michel Platini3Juventus
Aldo Boffi3AC Milan
Gigi Riva3Cagliari
Paolino Pulici3Torino
Roberto Pruzzo3AS Roma
Giuseppe Signori3Lazio
Luca Toni2Fiorentina; Hellas Verona
Zlatan Ibrahimović2Inter Milan; AC Milan
Antonio Di Natale2Udinese
Andriy Shevchenko2AC Milan
Marco van Basten2AC Milan
Roberto Boninsegna2Inter Milan
Harald Nielsen2Bologna FC
Ettore Puricelli2Bologna FC
Silvio Piola2Lazio
Felice Borel2Juventus


Who won the Serie A Golden Boot award for 2021?

With the season almost concluded, it looks like a two-horse race between Lazio’s Ciro Immobile and Juventus’ Dušan Vlahović.

Immobile has already won the award three times so he’ll be confident in his own ability to pick up another Golden Boot trophy.

On the other hand, Dušan Vlahović is sort of like “the new kid on the block”.

Even though he previously represented Fiorentina in Serie A, the 22 year old got off to a sensational start for Juventus after he joined the club in the 2022 January transfer window.

It’ll be a close finish, and this article will be updated to highlight the winner once the current campaign has concluded.


Did Ronaldo win a Golden Boot in Italy?

Cristiano Ronaldo has performed at every club he’s played for.

He is a three-time Pichichi winner and an English league top goal scorer as well, so the man knows exactly what it takes to top the goal scoring charts.

2020-21 serie a golden boot winner - cristiano ronaldo

The Portuguese man did in fact win a Serie A Golden Boot award, as he netted 29 goals for Juventus in the previously concluded 2020-2021 campaign.


How many Serie A Golden Boots has Ronaldo won?

Quite surprisingly, Ronaldo has only won one Serie A Golden Boot trophy during his three seasons in Italy.

Sampdoria’s Fabio Quagliarrela pipped him to this title in the 2018-2019 season when he joined Juventus, and in the campaign right after that Ciro Immobile finished as the top scorer.

Luckily for him, he managed to leave Juventus on a relatively high note by claiming the individual honor in his penultimate season for the club.

Samuel Waihenya
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