Can a Soccer Ball Damage a Car?

Soccer is without doubt a sport that has little to no limits on where it can be played, and that in itself contributes to a myriad of benefits and problems.

Just take a brief moment to picture a group of teenagers playing a 5-aside soccer game within a residential area.

On one fateful occasion, a waywardly struck shot has the ball slam right against a car parked next to the sidewalk.

Now, the property owner is likely to be adversely affected in such an event.

But would a soccer ball manage to cause significant damage to a car?

Well, that’s the very question I’ve sought to answer in this article.

So, I’ll get right down to business by confirming that…

A soccer ball is easily capable of causing repairable damage to the different parts of a vehicle if it’s struck with a high degree of power.

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Read on to learn exactly how.


Which parts of a car could get damaged from a soccer ball?

From my own anecdotal experience, soccer balls are objects that are hard enough to inflict destruction to a car in a number of different areas.


1. Side-view mirrors

soccer ball car damage - wing mirrors

These mirrors are put in place to help drivers see what is in their peripheral vision (blind spot), which is situated behind and either side of the vehicle.

Despite being extremely useful in practical driving situations, these wing mirrors are exposed to being hit by soccer balls because of where they are generally positioned on vehicles.

Any impact that causes these mirrors to rapidly extend in a particular direction loosens the hinges that keep them in place.

Located on the car’s exterior, all it takes is a simple hit for a ball to knock these mirrors off.

They are only built with a little flexibility in mind and aren’t equipped to withstand a force of such magnitude.


2. Headlights and tail lights

These are other areas of a car that are quite susceptible to damage from a soccer ball strike.

Even though most of these lenses are covered by polycarbonate plastic that features heavy impact resistance, a ball that is pumped to its maximum air pressure – or even beyond it – still has the potential to inflict some damage.

However, headlights and tail lights are less prominent parts on vehicles which means the likelihood of them breaking from ball impact are a little slim.


3. Windows

soccer ball car damage - windows and windshield

Lastly, car windows can shatter or crack from being hit by a ball.

Although this outcome is unlikely because soccer balls are spherical in shape with no pointy surfaces on them, it is still a possibility if the force threshold that the tempered glass can withstand is exceeded.

Think about the amount of power a player like Roberto Carlos put into his shots and imagine if a person was to generate the same amount of speed and force towards a car window.

You’d be silly to think that there isn’t a remote chance of damage being inflicted.


What happens if a child damages your car with a soccer ball?

Sometimes, accidents simply happen because children playing the game tend to be young and not everyone has the luxury of living near a park or dedicated soccer field.

The course of action taken here is largely owner-dependent.

One affected party may choose to speak to the parents of the child offender and ask the former to pay for the damages.

Alternatively, as people tend to be more forgiving towards children as they are still in the growing and learning phase of their lives, a child involved in such a case may simply be let off the hook entirely.


Who is liable if a soccer ball hits a car?

According to this insurance company, a person should generally expect to pay for car repairs out of their own pocket.

But there is usually a moral obligation for the guilty party to come clean by confessing to what happened and offering to pay for the resulting damages.

Another option is to escalate the case with your car insurance provider by filing a claim if you have comprehensive coverage.



A soccer ball can cause damage to different parts of a car, such as the side-view mirrors, windows, head lights and tail lights.

Samuel Waihenya
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