Soccer Ball Quiz

Do you think you know everything there possibly is to know about soccer balls?

If so, then why not test your skills by answering this short and simple quiz which covers the different aspects of how to take care of this piece of soccer equipment.

The questions will cover topics such as:

  • inflation and pressure management;
  • storage;
  • soccer ball construction; as well as
  • cleaning and general maintenance

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Which of the following soccer ball specifications is of the highest quality? Tick one box.
What set of criteria does FIFA use to evaluate the performance of soccer balls? Tick one box
When inflating a soccer ball, what lubricant can you use to ease the entry of the pump needle in the valve?
Why should you store a soccer ball between uses? Select the most likely reason.
What are the air pressure requirements for a size 5 soccer ball?
Which soccer ball bladder type offers the best touch and bounce response?
What soccer ball bladder type offers the best air retention?
What is the best way to know if a soccer ball is properly inflated?
What is the most important part of soccer ball storage?
What function does the bladder contained within a soccer ball perform?
Is a person permitted to take a soccer ball on an aircraft? Select the correct answer.
Which of the following materials is used to produce the the highest quality of outer covering for a soccer ball?
Which of the following surfaces is most suitable for play with a soccer ball?
Which of the following locations is most suitable as a storage area for a soccer ball?
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