About the Company

Cosy Content Limited is the UK registered private limited company which oversees all the major web publishing operations pertaining to the Soccer Whizz brand.

With soccer being such a huge part of many people’s lives, Cosy Content Limited was formed to oversee the provision of accurate, up to date information and engaging insights for readers who love to watch the sport as well as play it as a hobby.

You can think about the company as the sort of corporation that manages a website you would normally check out while having a sip of your tea or coffee at home when the weekend fixtures swing by.

This page will provide more detail on why the company itself was set up, as well as the sort of principles it prides itself on as well as what the future holds for the Soccer Whizz brand.


When was Cosy Content Limited founded?

The business was officially launched on Tuesday, the 7th of June 2022.

Cosy Content Limited was registered as a “Private Limited by Shares” company with the executive agency of the British government – Companies House – which maintains the register of companies; employs company registrars and is responsible for incorporating all forms of companies in the United Kingdom.

For reference, the company number is 14156770.


How did the Soccer Whizz brand come in to existence?

The owner of Cosy Content Limited – Samuel Waihenya – had been operating the Soccer Whizz brand for almost a year before the company’s official registration under the guise of a sole proprietorship, as the brand domain became active as of August 2021.

What’s also interesting is that even before Soccer Whizz’s start in August 2021, the sole author of the brand and the company, had previously been engaged in writing soccer-related content on another domain.


1. Collapse of a licensed and regulated gambling product

The initial premise for the website you’ve landed on was actually centred around a soccer-related gambling product called Football Index.

Participants would purchase virtual shares in professional soccer players and earn money through the performances of these athletes on weekend and mid-week match days.

The former domain – which went by the name Index Scholar – contained tutorial-style written and video type content that sought to help Football Index users get to grips with the ins and outs of the virtual trading platform.

However, once the Football Index platform monumentally collapsed, Samuel decided to shift his focus towards becoming the most authoritative resource on the internet for informative soccer content.


2. A 301 redirection from the old domain

The old brand name (i.e. Index Scholar) was not ideally suited to the topic upon which content would be based.

What that meant was that a new brand had to be drawn up, one that searchers could quickly and easily associate with the sport called soccer.

This led to the eventual birth of the soccerwhizz.com website, which involved a fairly arduous technical process of deleting a handful of posts and conducting necessary 301 redirects of the remaining articles left on the Index Scholar domain, which were then mapped over to Soccer Whizz.


What is our purpose?

The “Cosy Content” name came about as a result of some personal inspiration.

What this was centred around was the thought of a single person, located anywhere in the world, able to read through a piece of content published on this website that satisfies their needs.

This could comprise of:

  • Getting the correct factual information about a player, team or a competition;
  • Reliving a pivotal moment in soccer history; or even
  • Learning about the basic rules of the sport and its equipment requirements

So, here at Cosy Content Limited, the goal is to strive to continually produce factual, informative and entertaining content under the Soccer Whizz brand, which in itself broadly and tightly covers a plethora of different topics surrounding the beautiful game.


What is the company’s overall vision?

Cosy Content Limited seeks to be the number one source of information under the Soccer Whizz brand, for any soccer related query that a user is likely to input into a search engine such as Google, Bing , Yandex or Duck Duck Go.

The company also aspires to build a loyal readership through its use of non-intrusive email marketing, as well as regularly engaging with its fanbase on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.


Which core values does the company strive to uphold?

Cosy Content Limited prides itself on a number of different things:


1. Content quality

At the hear of what we do here is providing the most accurate and up to date information for the readership.

This means we won’t rush to be first to the finish line when it comes to our content, as we strive to get the facts right before pressing that publish button.

We also make a conscious effort to not regurgitate and paraphrase what has already been said on other soccer-related websites, done by drawing on the author’s own personal experience with regard to the topic.


2. Extensive analysis

The use of graphs, charts, tables, illustrations and videos is a core part of the content we provide.

For example, in an educational how-to post about a certain piece of soccer equipment, we will make sure to use original imagery that showcases instructions or guidelines on how that product should be used.


3. Engaging formatting

All the content published on the website is carefully formatted to ensure that it’s easy to read and user friendly on different devices such as mobile phones and tablets.

We break up paragraphs into two or three short sentences to ensure that we avoid long walls of text that can leave readers disillusioned.

Even more so, we make sure that text fonts and headings are large enough to be read on smaller screens.

After all, technology is advancing at a rapid pace and most of us tend to read things on devices with smaller screens.

Our content should therefore eliminate that pressing need to squint!