The Best Football Scoreboards for Goal Tallying in Competitive Games [2023 Buying Guide]

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Football is not typically known as a high scoring game, especially when stacked up against sports like basketball or rugby.

But there are quite a few instances where the goals simply fly in with regularity.

Just picture a 5-aside match played on a synthetic pitch with no time limit.

The forwards from each team are likely to bang in more than a dozen goals between themselves, which may prompt participants to appoint a scorekeeper to keep track of how many times the ball hits the back of the net.

After all, the bragging rights that winning teams are bestowed with is more than enough motivation to keep score in soccer games.

Which is why in today’s article, I’m going to provide a roundup of recommendations for the best football scoreboards.

These pieces of equipment simplify the goal tallying process altogether, but some of them do cost a pretty penny.

Anyway, here’s my list of top picks:





Our #1 Rated

GAN XIN Shot Clock LED Scoreboard

  • 20 metre visual range

  • 70-80dB buzzer sound


Best Value

OhhGo Flippable Scoreboard

  • 322 grams

  • 2- to 4-digit display


Best Budget 

Botepon Portable Flip Scoreboard

  • 340 grams

  • 8 inches wide


The GAN XIN Shot-Clock LED Scoreboard wins here due to its alignment with the modern technological era. The fact that scores can be recorded and tweaked from the comfort of my own Android or iOS enabled device makes for a sleek user experience, and the colour customisation that the product offers makes scorekeeping a more enjoyable experience.


1. GAN XIN Shot-Clock LED Scoreboard

GAN XIN Shot Clock LED Scoreboard
  • It's easy to operate and ready to use right out of the box
  • Function:1.Display scores for HOME and GUEST ,able to +1,-1,reset 0; 2.Timing clock MM:SS ;3,display PERIOD,periods can it go up to 9; 4,display 24s or Foul
  • 11-digit, 3” +2.3'' red LED ultra brightness light tubes display,This product can be hung on the wall

Admittedly, the overall reputation of Chinese brands is usually a mixed bag.

Despite the countries’ status as an economic superpower, they still fall prey to accusations of poor quality control when it comes to the manufacturing process of their exported goods.

However, this digital scoreboard gets top marks for its overall functionality.

Employing Light Emitting Diode (LED) display technology, the product is said to offer buyers tens of thousands of maintenance-free usage hours.

The frame is made from strong aluminium alloy and the display is of high definition, which makes digits easy for the naked eye to read.


Display modes

This scoreboard is also versatile.

It comes equipped with standard 12- and 24-hour clock modes; a stopwatch mode which can be useful for lap times; along with count up and countdown modes (from 0 to 99 and vice versa) for tracking the amount of time that has elapsed in each half.

Furthermore, it has a standard scoreboard mode as well as a basketball mode with a buzzer function to indicate when time is up in each quarter.


Control options

The scoreboard can be managed either via remote control or through the use of a dedicated mobile phone application.

With regard to the former, the remote itself uses infrared technology and has a signal range of 10 metres.

So, a scorekeeper would need to be aware that the remote is unlikely to transmit through walls or corners, due to the fact that infrared technology functions best with straight line of sight.

On the other hand, mobile application control would need to be configured if it’s intended for use.

The signal range for this method of control is slightly better at 15 metres of distance, although it involves extra configuration.

An Android or iOS enabled device would also be needed in order to wirelessly connect with the scoreboard and control outputs from there.


What’s in the packaging?

You’ll also be surprised to note what comes in the box, as you’re not just getting a scoreboard with a remote!

Here’s what comes in the box:

  • GI11T-(3+2.3)R scoreboard
  • 12V DC power adapter
  • Infrared remote control (batteries bought separately)
  • User manual
  • Mounting brackets for wall installation


User customisation

Lastly, buyers also have the option of changing the colour of the digits that display electronically on the scoreboard.

The colour options – which include red, green, blue and yellow – can also be selectively placed so that a different score colour is displayed for the home side and the opposition respectively.


  • Mobile application availability makes for a seamless user experience
  • Can be hung on a wall or stood on a tripod
  • Variety of modes and customisation options makes for accurate and fun scorekeeping
  • High definition display offers great clarity
  • A bit difficult to set up
  • High price point


For those with stricter budgetary requirements, the is a lower priced alternative that retains some of the core features of the aforementioned model.

Infrared remote or mobile application use is included, although it falls short when it comes to display modes, as it only offers basic “home” and “guest” scorekeeping.

A decent substitute nonetheless.


2. OhhGo Flippable Scoreboard

This scoreboard is a basic one but it does the job well.

It consists of 3 main components:

  • The board
  • The rings
  • Score numbers

The board itself is made from hard cardboard and is topped off with a polyurethane leather coating for additional layering.

What this does is make the board resistant to blustery winds which can show up when a game is being played outdoors.

The rings are the connecting vessel between the board and the paper-made score numbers. They are made from a sturdy metal material and they can be opened and closed when scores need to be amended.

Lastly, the score numbers are made up of thick paper which provides a level of waterproofing that is ideal for rainy conditions and means that you can count on the numbers remaining visible throughout a game.

It also features a folding design that makes it convenient for transportation and storage.


  • Reasonable price
  • Number shapes and styling give a semi – professional look to it
  • Bright colours are great for viewing from long distances away
  • Well packaged
  • The numbers don’t turn over too smoothly because the rings are loose


If you’re looking for an even cheaper alternative that’s almost identical to this flip scoreboard, then consider the .


3. Botepon Portable Flip Scoreboard

No products found.

Unlike the previous product, this one features two separate scoreboards.

Both sets have numbers that run from 0 all the way up to 99, although the colours for each are different, as one set is red and the other comes in a distinct blue.

The score numbers are also made up of thick paper membrane that gives the scoreboard water and wind resistance.


  • 1-year warranty guaranteed
  • Cheap price
  • Design is not very stable as the board is prone to falling over on occasion


Factors to consider before buying a football scoreboard

An uninformed purchase is the last thing that you or I would want.

For that reason, I want to outline a couple of things that you need to be aware of as a buyer before you bring out the wallet.

So, let’s get started.



The baseline requirement here is the ability to accurately record goal tallies using numeric digits.

Outside of that, a good scoreboard should be capable of programming the names of specific teams into the display.

This feature – as opposed to more basic “home” and “away” lettering – would be quite useful for football tournaments where there are multiple teams involved.

In addition to this, you should also consider scoreboards that incorporate wireless communication and allow for user control through a mobile phone application.


Display type

best football scoreboards - LED display type

When it comes to the type of display, you’ve got two main options.

You can choose to go with a digital Light Emitting Diode (LED) type scoreboard, which provides greater visibility for fans and other observers at the venue.

This is particularly important if the scoreboard is intended for use in a large capacity stadium or a slightly smaller sports complex.

Alternatively, you can opt for a paper flipping scoreboard which would be much better suited to the casual kickabout games that lack the presence of large crowds.

Flip scoreboards consist of digits ranging from 0 to 9 and two different colour sets that are used to differentiate between each team.


Frame construction

The scoreboard you buy should at least have some level of durability.

An aluminium frame is great with regard to longevity, as it can comfortably endure the heavy rain and windy conditions that accompany outdoor play.

You also need to consider the damage that a flying ball can inflict on your scoreboard.

If games are played in a small pitch setting, the possibility of an errant pass or blocked shot – which could lead to a football hitting a scoreboard quite forcefully – needs to be taken into account.

With that important knowledge imparted, I’ll now move on to answering some football scoreboard queries.


Related questions

Having done plenty of research on the topic at hand, I came across a few questions that stood out.

So, before I wrap up this roundup, I’d like to answer them just as a way of covering the football scoreboard topic more comprehensively.


How do you read a football scoreboard?

This will depend on the type of scoreboard that you choose to buy.

For a flip scoreboard which is made from paper, you will simply read the scores of the home and away teams from left to right respectively.

Each team’s score will be indicated with a different colour for the purpose of clarity.

Conversely, a digital scoreboard has more components to it.

Below or above the “home” and “guest” indicators, score boxes will use numeric digits to show how many goals have been scored by each team.

More so, the game clock will usually be positioned in the centre of the scoreboard, and it will either specify:

  • The amount of time that is left in a half
  • The period of time that has elapsed since the start of the game


How much does a good football scoreboard cost?

There’s certainly no need to break the bank here.

As a matter of opinion, a price range of 15 to 40 pounds should do for a flappable scoreboard.

But when it comes to a digital one, you should be prepared part with more than 100 pounds – at a minimum – for a good model.


Concluding thoughts

The GAN XIN Shot-Clock LED Scoreboard is my pick of the bunch primarily due to its technological integration customisable features. Mobile application control provides a seamless scorekeeping experience and the option to change colour displays for the home and away teams is also a nice touch.

Samuel Waihenya
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