The Best Futsal Balls to Buy [2023 Buying Guide]

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One of the beauties of the sport we call football is that it can be played in different surroundings.

From the lush green grass of football pitches in Europe to the crowded favelas in South America, the game knows no bounds.

In today’s article I’m going to be reviewing the best futsal balls to buy, as I simply love making the purchasing decisions of a football fan so much simpler.

For those of you reading this looking to save some time, you can jump ahead to the top picks I’ve highlighted below:





Our #1 Rated

Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball

  • Special foam backing for softer touch

  • 7 inches in diameter


Best Value

GFutsal TotalSala PRO 400 Low Bounce Futsal Ball

  • Simple balck and white design

  • Polyurethane leather


Best Budget 

Mitre Impel Futsal Football
  • 30 panel design

  • 3.5 mm soft foam


Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

  • Weighs 454 grams

  • USFF approved


Nike Menor X Futsal Ball

  • Weighs 400 grams

  • High contrast colour graphics



1. Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball

Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball
  • Low-bounce ball for optimal futsal play features a special foam backing for softer touch
  • Made with a durable cover for extended durability on hard courts and reinforced bladder for extended air retention
  • Hi-Tech machine stitched construction for stronger seams

The Senda Rio Futsal Ball is made by Senda Athletics who I mentioned earlier on in the article.

They are the official ball partner of the United States Youth Futsal organisation.

With over 50,000 registered players, the company is able to have its gear tested by top futsal players and coaches who provide them with the feedback they need to be able to improve their product offerings.

So, when it comes to ball construction and manufacturing, you can expect them to know their stuff.

Moving onto the ball, it features a soft foam backing that provides a softer overall feel and touch.

Additionally, its outer cover is made of a tough microfiber rubber that was machine stitched together for stronger seams which ultimately enhances durability on hard indoor court surfaces.

Lastly, the ball is Fair Trade Certified – meaning those that worked to produce this futsal ball had better working conditions for and no child labour was involved in its development.

All in all, Senda is a good ethical company to support by purchasing this futsal ball.

As a slightly cheaper alternative -in case you’re put off by the price of this ball – you can have a look at the MIKASA Unisex’s SWL-337 Futsal Ball which is of almost a similar quality and construction to the Senda ball.


  • Comes with a 1-year shape and construction warranty
  • It has a nice padded feel to the exterior and keeps its air and shape well after many weeks of use
  • Just enough softness on the outer shell for comfort of play
  • The ball ships deflated
  • Fairly expensive in comparison to the other options on the market
  • Short returns window which is not ideal in the case of customers having faults with their purchased ball


2. Mitre Impel Futsal Football

Mitre Impel Futsal Football
  • 3.5 mm soft foam, idel for practicing
  • 30 Panel design for a reliable performance and durable lifespan
  • Built for optimal control and close quarter passing

Mitre are one of the behemoths of football manufacturing, as they have nurtured a reputation amongst consumers as having some of the best performing footballs on the market.

In fact, one of their footballs was included in my earlier roundup of the best soccer balls for training sessions and competitive matches.

Their Impel Futsal Ball has been built with optimal control and close quarter passing at the forefront of their thinking.

With regard to the ball’s specifications, it is made from synthetic leather with 3.5mm soft foam and features a 30-panel green/pink design said to offer reliable performance and a long-lasting lifespan.


  • The ball performs to specification in terms of low bounce, making it ideal for futsal
  • Affordable for those on a stricter budget
  • The ball ships deflated
  • Reported rushed corner stitching, resulting in the ball taking an oblong-like shape when inflated


3. GFutsal TotalSala PRO 400 Low Bounce Futsal Ball

GFutsal TotalSala Futsal Ball
  • The model TotalSala was designed according to the Brazilian Futsal Confederation specification for size and weight and is used by English football/futsal academies.
  • The futsal balls are made of DC-Shine material including 4 lamination layers for durability.
  • Size 4- circumference: 61-64 cm, weight: 410-440g - from 14/15 years old to adult

Here we have another quality futsal ball that receives top marks from me for simplicity, as it It comes in a universally recognised black and white design.

The GFutsal PRO 400 Ball is crafted from polyurethane leather which is durable and the leather of choice for footballs used by semi-professionals and professionals working in the sport.

More so, the ball’s bladder is made from butyl that’s filled with polyester, which is said to give the ball lower bounce movement and allows for a heavier feel.

Lastly, it’s stitched together with 32 panels and features 4 lamination layers for enhanced durability.


  • Affordable price even for the budget constrained
  • Has a heavy feel which limits overall bounce and ball rebounds
  • Decent air retention
  • The ball is said to split at the seams quite easily meaning it is not quite as durable as advertised


4. Baden Futsal Low Bounce Practice Ball

Baden Low Bounce Futsal Practice Ball
  • LOW BOUNCE - Increase your performance and ball control on the field with Futsal low bounce soccer balls
  • PRECISION - Each soccer ball is handsewn to ensure each panel is sewn together with precision and accuracy
  • PERFORMANCE - The advanced PU cover material gives you a truer flight and better control

Here we have another vintage style futsal ball that performs to an admirable standard.

What is particularly unique about this Baden Futsal Low bounce Ball is that it is handsewn to ensure that each panel is stitched together with pinpoint precision.

The ball cover is also made from advanced polyurethane leather that is said to provide truer flight when struck and better touch control when a player is in possession of it.

More so, it is reinforced with a butyl bladder in order to provide the greatest possible air retention after it has been inflated, along with maximum durability when in use.


  • It’s able to hold air and shape fairly well
  • Arrives already inflated
  • Great low bounce performance as advertised
  • Despite the fact it arrives inflated, there are some complaints that it is not inflated to the correct air pressure
  • The seams of this ball can come apart after a bit of use


5. Nike Menor X Soccer Ball Futsal

Nike Menor X Futsal Ball
  • Synthetic
  • Futsal size is smaller and heavier than traditional balls
  • Textured casing enhances touch and feel

And the final product as part of this best futsal balls roundup is one from global sports brand Nike.

The Nike Menor X Futsal Ball is a size 4 ball with an outer material that’s made from synthetic leather.

Additionally, it comes in a blue and white colourway and features high contrast graphics for an immediate, true read on the ball’s flight trajectory, spin and curve.


  • For a Nike branded ball, you would normally assume a premium price, but that is not the case here, with its affordability making it accessible for consumers of all budgets
  • Stock availability may pose a bit of an issue

With the individual product reviews wrapped up, I’m now going to quickly answer a few commonly asked futsal-related questions.


Frequently asked questions


What is futsal?

Now, I’m sure there’s a few of you reading this with a vague understanding of what the sport called futsal is and its relationship with standard association football.

So, let me take the time to explain…

According to futsal ball manufacturer Senda Athletics – the official ball of America’s youth futsal league – futsal is FIFA’s official indoor football game.

It comprises of two teams of five playing against each other on a flat indoor pitch and with a smaller size 4 ball that has reduced bounce.

The goal posts for futsal are 3m x 2m in size and come with a runback that ranges from 1m to 2m depending on the model.

Here’s a fantastic video that provides a concise overview of what the sport is all about:


What size ball does futsal use?

The futsal sport mainly uses Size 4 balls that are smaller in size than standard association football ones.

More particularly however, futsal balls are usually range from Size 1 to Size 5, although Size 4 is most commonly used.

Here is a helpful size chart:

best futsal balls - size chart
Source – SelectSport


What is the FIFA recommended futsal ball size?

A FIFA approved futsal ball must be between 24.61 inches and 25 inches in circumference.


Is a futsal ball heavier than a football?

Contrary to popular belief, the answer to this question is no.

According to FIFA, the inspected weight of a Size 5 ball is 410 – 450 grams, whereas for a futsal ball this weight is 400 – 440 grams.

Therefore, both the minimum and maximum inspected weights of a futsal ball are 10 grams lighter than a normal ball that is used outdoors.


What is the difference between a soccer ball and a futsal ball?

If you watched the fascinating video that I linked to above, then you’ll have deduced that a futsal ball is smaller and has less bounce than a standard size football.

As the sport of futsal places larger emphasis on attributes like control and speed, it encourages safer and more skilful pieces of play from its participants.

Here are the main differences summarized:


Qualities to look for in a futsal ball

As a first-time buyer it may be difficult to distinguish a well-crafted futsal ball from a poorly manufactured one.

A good futsal ball will tick most or all of the following boxes:

  • Durable enough to be used for long periods of time with minimal wear and tear
  • Perfectly circular in shape for precision shooting and close ball control
  • Excellent craftsmanship with good quality stitching
  • Easily visible to the naked eye

So, taking into account the aforementioned characteristics, let’s have a look at the best futsal balls that can be bought on the marketplace.


Final recommendation

There are so many good options here, but my standout pick has to be the Senda Rio Training Futsal Ball.

Despite the premium outlay, it ticks all the right boxes for durability, air retention and softness on the outer shell which makes playing with it safe and comfortable.

The icing on the cake with this product is the fact that it is Fair Trade certified, meaning the ball was constructed with ethics at the very forefront of the company’s objectives.

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