Paris Saint Germain Transfer Reliability Guide

No club within France commands the level of attention from journalists and news tabloids that Paris Saint Germain does.

Their squad is filled with a truckload of playing talent, from the likes of Kylian Mbappe and Brazilian superstar Neymar, to the recently acquired Sergio Ramos who joined on a free transfer from Real Madrid.

With the club’s gradual ascension and consolidation among the top of the European football club hierarchy, their media appeal and popularity has managed to skyrocket as well.

Ultimately, there’s a much greater demand for reliable information on transfers than in the years gone by.

Following on from that important point, let’s take a look at PSG’s most reliable sources for transfer news…


PSG transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourceen.psg.frTier 0
Yann GuerinMedia for PSGTier 1
Ambre GodillonMedia for PSGTier 1
Benjamin QuarezLe ParisienTier 1
Adrian ChantegreletLe ParisienTier 1
Mathieu FaureNice MatinTier 1
Michel KollarMedia for PSGTier 1
TitisduPSGFranceTier 1
Bruno SalomonFrance Bleu ParisTier 2
Guillaume Maillard-PaciniEurosportTier 2
Marcelo BechlerEsporte InterativoTier 2
Saber Desfargesex-RMCTier 2
Loïc TanziRMC SportTier 2
Rubén UríabeIN SportTier 2
Bruno AndradeDAZNTier 2
Culture PSGFranceTier 2
Le ParisienFranceTier 2
beIN SPORTSQatarTier 2
Canal SupportersFranceTier 2
Paris UnitedFranceTier 3
Anne Laure-BonnetbeIN SPORTSTier 3
Mohamed BouhafsiRMC SportTier 3
Julien MaynardTF1Tier 3
Fabrizio RomanoThe GuardianTier 3
Gianluca Di MarzioSky ItaliaTier 3
Romain MolinaNYTTier 3
Tariq PanjaNYTTier 3
Maxime DupuisEurosportTier 3
Alessandro GrandessoGazzetta dello SportTier 3
Soccer LinkFranceTier 3
Didier RoustanRoustanTVTier 3
GuillaumeMPEurosportTier 3
Francois DenatCulturePSGTier 3
Gregoire MargottonTF1Tier 3
Nicolas VilasRMCTier 3
Saber DesfargesRMCTier 3
RMC SportFranceTier 3
L'EquipeFranceTier 3
France FootballFranceTier 3
Sky ItaliaItalyTier 3
The TelegraphUnited KingdomTier 3
The GuardianUnited KingdomTier 3
Gazzetta dello SportItalyTier 3
Globo EsporteBrazilTier 3
EurosportFranceTier 3
Sky SportsUnited KingdomTier 4
Hadrien Grenierle10sportTier 4
Romain Collet-GaudinCanal+Tier 4
Phillipe SanfourcheRTLTier 4
Stéphane MandardLeMondeTier 4
Santi AounaFootMercatoTier 4
Simone Roveraex-TelefootTier 4
Nicolò SchiraGazzetta dello SportTier 4
Antonio VitielloTuttosportTier 4
Duncan CastlesSunday TimesTier 4
Jonathan JohnsonESPNTier 4
Yahoo SportN/ATier 4
Le10SportFranceTier 4
Get French Football NewsFranceTier 4
RTLFranceTier 4
FootMercatoItalyTier 4
TuttosportItalyTier 4
ASSpainTier 4
The MirrorUnited KingdomTier 4
Alfredo PedullaItalyTier 5
Damien DegorreL'EquipeTier 5
Julien LaurensESPNTier 5
Arnaud HermantL'EquipeTier 5
Gilles FavardL'EquipeTier 5
Dominique SévéracLe ParisienTier 5
Grégory SchneiderLibérationTier 5
Geoffroy GarétierCanal+Tier 5
Abdellah BoulmaAfricaSportsTier 5
Nabil DjellitFrance FootballTier 5
Tancredi PalmeriItalyTier 5
Don BalonSpainTier 5
The SunUnited KingdomTier 5
Estelle DenisL'EquipeTier 5
Raymond DomenechL'EquipeTier 5
Mundo DeportivoSpainTier 5
Bleacher ReportUSATier 5
Daily MailUnited KingdomTier 5
MetroUnited KingdomTier 5


Highlighted changes

Quite a few adjustments have been made to this tier guide since it was first published.

For starters, Ambre Godillon has been promoted all the way to tier 1 from tier 3. She now appears to work for PSG Media as opposed to her former role as a journalist for Yahoo Sport.

Additionally, Benjamin Quarez – from Le Parisien – makes his way to tier 1 after not featuring in the initial tier guide.

His work colleague Adrian Chantegrelet also steps in to tier 1, having previously been in the tier below.

Also Mathieu Faure (Nice Matin) gets a bump up to tier 1.

I would go through the entire list of changes but that would involve writing a massive amount of words, so I’ll simply leave it at that.


Is Mohamed Bouhafsi reliable?

Mr. Bouhafsi is well known for his reporting on the happenings taking place at football clubs within France.

Usually with clubs other than PSG, he can be looked at as tier 2 source at the minimum, and in lots of cases a tier 1 status isn’t out of the question for him.

But with the Parisian side, he’s far from being in the loop when it comes to knowing about the club’s transfer moves.

In fact, he was placed in tier 4 as part of the previous reliability guide but has moved up one level to tier 3 in this update.

So, fans need to be careful when consuming news from Bouhafsi, especially when it comes to the topic of PSG transfer reliability.


Concluding offer

Now that you can see which journalists and media outlets are present under Paris Saint-Germain’s classification, there’s something that I think would be of interest to you.

As you’re aware of the tier scale, you know that different journalists report on transfer news for different teams.

So, for example, Fabrizio Romano might rank in Tier 2 for AC Milan transfer news but performs less effectively when breaking news for a club like Manchester City with a Tier 3 ranking assigned to him.

What if you had a document that could provide you tier rankings for each one of Europe’s biggest clubs?

Well, there’s good news because we’ve got just the solution for you!

Have a look at our Transfer Tier of Reliability eBook which is the central guide piece to the current age of soccer transfer window speculation.

We’ve eliminated the painstaking hours of research for you by compiling a comprehensive Tier 1 to Tier 5 breakdown of the reliability of the world’s sports journalists and media outlets.

The teams included in this guide consist of the English Premier League’s traditional top six clubs, Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich, Juventus and Paris Saint Germain.

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