How Many Soccer Balls Fit in a Ball Bag?

These days when it comes to carrying soccer balls for competitive games and training sessions, players are as lucky as ever.

You see, back before the industrial revolution begun, people never had the luxury of being able to purchase goods manufactured with sophisticated machinery and what not.

The choices were strictly limited to either carrying two soccer balls together – one in each hand – or stitching together a rucksack big enough to transport multiple balls at once.

When presented with those options, it’s quite obvious which one would be chosen.

So, it’s actually quite an amazing sight to witness manufacturers all over the world who are able to design high quality soccer ball bags that make transporting soccer balls a breeze.

But there’s always a common question that arises, which is…

Just how many soccer balls are able to fit in a ball bag?

Well, the answer is relative to the size of the soccer ball bag itself. This is because the smallest ones are typically able to securely hold about 3 to 5 soccer balls, whilst the more expansive ones have a maximum capacity that ranges between 12 and 16 fully inflated balls.

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That makes sense, right?

Because today’s article is by no means a lengthy one, I’ll now answer a couple of questions pertaining to this topic before wrapping things up with a summary.


Which soccer ball bags fit in the most soccer balls?

If you’re set on purchasing a soccer ball bag, you’re going to want to know which ones have the largest soccer ball storage capacity.

Through my extensive research, I managed to find some great options:



Max Capacity

Nike Club Team Swoosh Ball Bag

16 soccer balls

Lionstrike Football Sack

15 soccer balls

Fitdom Soccer Mesh Equipment Ball Bag

13 soccer balls

Mitre Football Bag

12 soccer balls


Can a regular bag be used for storing soccer balls?

Yes of course!

Provided that the bag in question is sturdy enough to hold a fully inflated soccer ball, it should be good to go.

However, you’ll want to be extra careful to not overload such a bag with soccer balls as they aren’t built to hold massively sized objects in the first place.

Just so you know, there are quite a few good soccer backpacks that are fit for this purpose.

So, if you need something small to carry your single soccer ball, then such a product would be a much better choice.


How to pack a soccer ball bag correctly

Prior to concluding, I thought I’d go the extra mile by providing a bit of a guide on the correct way to pack a soccer ball bag.

It’s not as easy as it looks!

Here’s what you need to do…


1. Sit the bag in an upright position

First things first, you’ve got to position the bag correctly before any soccer ball can go inside it.

This is because if you don’t do so, you’re very likely to strain your back muscles when bending to open the drawstring and insert the balls.

So, start with an upright placement and move on to the next step.


2. Open the drawstring

These bags typically come with a draw cord that you can use to tighten the bag closure.

What this does is prevent the soccer balls from falling out of the bag whilst they are being transported.

You need to gently open the drawstring as this will give you the necessary space to fit each ball inside.


3. Close the fastening

Once you’ve inserted all the soccer balls you need to take with you, close the drawstring fastening.

Be careful not to pull on it too much as you don’t want the mechanism to snap.

From my own research I’ve found that the best bags in this category leave no openings whatsoever after they’ve been shut.


4. Haul it onto your back and carry it away

The last step is where you begin the transportation process.

You don’t want to carry the bag by relying on your arm muscles because doing so will tire you out quickly.

Unless you’re a bodybuilder that is!

Instead, haul the bag onto your back and use the adjustable shoulder strapping to make handling more comfortable.

With that done, you can then move off as the back support that your body offers reduces overall strain and makes carrying the balls straightforward.



And that’s all that needs to be said!

Hopefully you’ll have learnt a lot from this short piece, especially when it comes to how many soccer balls fit in a ball bag.

But just as a reminder…

The average soccer ball bag should fit approximately 10 to 15 soccer balls, with most of the smaller ones able to handle 5 at a minimum.

It’s also imperative to note that the amount of soccer balls you’ll be able to fit in will also depend on the size of the soccer balls themselves.

So, go grab yourself some quality soccer balls and take them with you to training sessions and matches!


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