AC Milan Transfer Reliability Guide

The Rossoneri have been on an incredibly long journey back to the summit of European football, and it looks like they’re almost half the way there.

Milan made it back into the Champions League group stage for the 2021-2022 season for the first time in seven years with a very impressive 2nd place finish in Serie A on 79 points.

Players like Zlatan Ibrahimovic have helped foster and elevate winning team mentality, and this will enable the popular Italian side to attract bigger names in the transfer market.

Now let’s take a quick look at the news sources that should be relied upon for AC Milan transfer stories…


AC Milan transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club 0
Fabrizio RomanoSky Italia, The GuardianTier 1
Antonio VitielloMilanNewsTier 1
Pietro Balzano ProtaRadio RossoneraTier 1
Il Sole 24 OreTwitter: @sole24oreTier 1
Calcio FinanzaItalyTier 1
Mauro SumaDirector of Milan TVTier 1
Matteo PedrosiTwitter: @MatteoPedrosiTier 2
Gianluca Di MarzioSky ItaliaTier 2
MilanNewsItalyTier 2
Carlo FestaTwitter: @carlopaolofestaTier 2
Luca PagniTwitter: @lucapagniTier 2
GuillameMPTwitter: @GuillamempTier 2
ANSATwitter: @ansacalciosportTier 2
La RepubblicaItalyTier 3
Alfredo PedullaSport ItaliaTier 3
Daniel LongoTwitter: @86_longoTier 3
Mario GiuntaTwitter: @MarioGiuntaTier 3
Sky ItaliaItalyTier 3
Peppe Di StefanoSky ItaliaTier 3
Sport MediasetItalyTier 3
NonEvolutoTwitter: @NonEvolutoTier 3
LeggoItalyTier 3
Corriere della SerraTwitter: @CorriereTier 4
La StampaItalyTier 4
TuttomercatowebItalyTier 4
La Gazzetta dello SportItalyTier 4
Goal ItaliaTwitter: @GoalItaliaTier 4
Oracolo NetworkTwitter: @Oracolo_RNTier 4
SportitaliaItalyTier 4
Nico SchiraItalyTier 4
TuttosportItalyTier 5
CalcioMercatoItalyTier 5
Tancredi PalmeriItalyTier 5
Cor SportTwitter: @CorSportTier 5


Ranking changes

In the previous iteration of this guide which was hosted on the Index Scholar Academy website, Gianluca Di Marzio sat comfortably in tier 1.

But things have really changed in the last year.

He arguably doesn’t receive any information directly from the club and various Milan fans say that there are quite a few inconsistencies with his reporting these days.

As such, Di Marzio has been demoted to tier 2 until further notice.

On the other hand, Fabrizio Romano remains in tier 1 as he tends to report actual AC Milan transfer interest and done deals as opposed to the former who has become a bit of a rumour mill merchant at times.

Samuel Waihenya
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