Bayern Munich Transfer Reliability Guide

The German champions are not only a footballing powerhouse in their country, but also within Europe and the rest of the world as well.

Winning the domestic league with such regularity allows the club to attract the finest talent, which is something that the other teams in the Bundesliga have been on the receiving end of.

Check out the list of players that Bayern have poached from their rivals when you’ve got a moment to spare.

Anyway, for now our focus is on outlining the top journalists and media sources for Bayern Munich transfer reliability.

So, let’s take a look at who ranks on top…


Bayern Munich transfer tier of reliability

NameMedia Outlet / CountryTier RankingReliability Rating
Official Club Sourcewww.fcbayern.comTier 0
BILDGermanyTier 2
KickerGermanyTier 2
Fabrizio RomanoItalyTier 2
Suddeutsche ZeitungGermanyTier 2
Raphael HonigsteinThe AthleticTier 2
Christian FalkSportBildTier 3
Sky SportsGermanyTier 3
SportBildGermanyTier 3
Sport1GermanyTier 3
MARCASpainTier 3
Daily MailUnited KingdomTier 3
Twitter ITKsN/ATier 4

Kicker and BILD are the publications you should be keeping an eye on for Bayern, but as they’re not tier 1 you shouldn’t really take their word as gospel.

Ultimately, credit must be given where it is due.

The club goes about it’s transfer business incredibly quietly – just like Liverpool transfers in the last few years – and they’ve repeatedly demonstrated their ability to wrap up signings without a hush or whisper.


Is Christian Falk reliable?

If you follow Bayern Munich news closely, I’m sure you’ll have come across Christian Falk.

A lot of people place him in the “untouchable” category of being extremely reliable for the Bavarian side, but that is far from the case.

He’s definitely hit and miss.

Plenty of discussion on the internet seems to indicate that former Bayern captain Phillip Lahm was a player that used to feed Falk a lot of insider information, which actually correlates with the time period where Falfk used to be correct on a lot of transfer scoops for the club.

With Lahm having retired from the game, Falk has arguably lost his closest contact and link to the Bayern inner circle, and it reflects on how he’s been wrong on a number of details in the past couple of transfer windows.

Nonetheless, he still retains a tier 3 ranking because when he does say something, there usually still is a bit of substance to it.

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