The Best Select Soccer Balls Reviewed [2023 Buying Guide]

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I must admit, coming from the United Kingdom I had never heard about the Select soccer ball brand until a couple of months ago.

Which is quite shocking considering the fact that I love most aspects of the sport.

Anyway, they’ve received plenty of rave reviews within the United States and Canada, so I thought it would be nice to do a dedicated product roundup on their soccer ball range.

Now, I always kickstart this type of article with a comparison table that quickly outlines the top options – handy for those who don’t want to read the entire text.

So, here’s my curated list of the top Select soccer balls that buyers should get their hands on:





Our #1 Rated

SELECT Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Neoprene foam laminated

Zero-wing latex bladder


Best Premium

SELECT Brilliant Super Soccer Ball

Microfibre synthetic leather

3-layer underlining


Best Budget 

SELECT Royale Soccer Ball

32-panel design

NFHS and NCAA approved


SELECT Bundesliga Derbystar Match Ball

Zero-wing latex bladder

Hand sewn for durability


In my opinion, the Select Numero 10 ball wins hands down. It possesses all the characteristics of a great performer due to its top-notch flight, bounce and roundness; with a reasonable price point being the icing on the cake.

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Now, let’s get down to the nitty gritty business by further dissecting the aforementioned options.


How we picked out the best Select soccer balls

The first port of call involved compiling an exhaustive list of all the different types of Select soccer balls from different online retailers such as Amazon, and Soccer Garage.

Once that was done, we were able to pour a lot of time and effort into analysing the reviews from people who bought the popular products.

We did this by keeping an eye out for any particular patterns, such as:

  • Good air retention;
  • Durability to hold up well over time and through different terrains;
  • Bounce uniformity when dropped on artificial turf or natural grass; as well as
  • Overall foot comfort when striking the ball with power and curve


How we tested the best Select soccer balls

As the sole author of this blog, the microscope was definitely placed on the soccer balls which made the cut to be included within this product roundup.

I scoured the web for first hand experiences of people who have actually bought the soccer balls and used them for an extended period of time.

In addition to this, I made sure to include the personal accounts of those who’ve made a purchase by including relevant imagery and summarizing what they make of the ball in terms of benefits and drawbacks to show you how each ball performs when it comes down to kicking, catching and storage.

Anyway, let’s now get started on each of the products mentioned in this roundup.


1. Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball

Select Numero 10 Soccer Ball
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: A legendary match and training ball used around the world for decades for training and matches
  • PREMIUM MATERIALS: PU material laminated with neoprene foam to increase softness with SELECT’s premium zero-wing latex bladder for optimal bounce
  • NFHS/NCAA and IMS APPROVED: Meets or exceeds all requirements for NFHS(National Federation of High Schools) and NCAA play. IMS(International Match Standard) approval as well.

I’ll start with Select’s best seller – the Numero 10.

This has been the match and training ball of choice for many amateur, semi-professional and top-level players across the globe for a number of years.

As a prospective buyer, just by looking at this product you get the initial sense that it ticks the trust and quality boxes that are a necessary prerequisite before making a soccer ball purchase.

For starters, you’ve got the simple choice of two colourways:

  • White, black and gold
  • White and red

More importantly however, the Numero 10 has a number of cool design features that I’d like to talk about.

So, grab yourself a coffee and brace yourself for what’s about to be revealed!


Neoprene foam laminated

The polyurethane outer shell of this soccer ball has been laminated with a neoprene foam which is said to increase overall softness.

One of the most common frustrations brought about by some soccer balls is when they are to hard to kick or control.

You jostle for a header and end up with a migraine afterwards, or you could attempt to toe poke the ball and subsequently suffer from a blister!

So, this premium material add-on provides ample cushioning for players which ultimately elevates the comfort and enjoyment they derive from playing the game.


Zero-wing latex bladder

Another great inclusion within this Select soccer ball is the latex bladder.

You see, this component amplifies the responsiveness of the ball by providing it with livelier bounce capabilities.

best select soccer balls - numero 10 with latex bladder

Professional players usually endorse soccer balls with this bladder type because you can extract better agility, aerodynamics and overall performance from them.

Although on the flip side, the nature of the material has a bit of a downside to it.

Latex consists of micro pore openings that ventilate – which partly explains why soccer balls lose air over time.

Nevertheless, the benefits of a latex bladder generally outweigh the downsides when it comes to a soccer ball that’s been expertly constructed.


FIFA approved

As quality-conscious buyers we’re always looking out for certain seals of recognition that will nudge us to make a purchase.

This ball has exactly that with its International Match Standard (IMS) approval badge from FIFA.

It also gets the green light from the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) in the United States, making it safe for play even at grassroot level.


Video review

What’s a roundup article without a thorough visual demonstration of how the product looks like, right?

Here’s a great video that covers this area:


Other specifications

  • 32 panel construction
  • Hand-stitched
  • 4-layer material underlining for greater bounce


  • True flight and has the right response level for dribbles
  • It takes up a perfect spherical shape when inflated, which definitely cannot be said for every soccer ball on the market
  • Soft to touch when filled to the correct air pressure
  • Decent price point
  • Doesn’t hold air in for more than a couple of days, so frequent re-inflation is required


2. Select Brilliant Super Soccer Ball

Select Brilliant Super Soccer Ball
  • HIGHEST QUALITY: Premium Teijin microfiber synthetic-leather combined and 3-layer underlining with a Zero Wing latex bladder give the ball a lively bounce and an even lighter and softer touch
  • THERMO BONDED TECHNOLOGY: A method that activates the glue with heat and pressure to bond the 32 panels. No stiching. TB ball tkes up less water helping to keep original weight when playing in wet conditions
  • PREMIUM OUTER MATERIALS: The outer material and the underlying foam gives the ball a light touch and a comfortable softness

Up next we have another brilliant option called the Select Brilliant Super Soccer Ball.

I mean, what a great choice of name!

On a more serious note, this ball is specifically designed for play at the highest competitive level.

The one being reviewed right now is the official version 17 ball for the National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA).

And within the Amazon listing itself, there are some other premium alternatives like the Brilliant Super USL League One ball and the Brilliant Super USL Championship ball.

But I’m only going to talk about the NAIA ball here, as the others cost a fair bit more.

Let’s get started then!


Teijin microfibre synthetic leather

To begin with, this ball is made from some of the highest quality fabric available.

What this synthetic leather excels at is keeping the ball’s spherical shape intact.

best select soccer balls - brilliant super with microfiber synthetic leather outer

So, as a player you don’t have to have any worries or reservations about kicking the ball as hard as you can for fear of it becoming egg-shaped.

This soccer ball will retain its roundness all-year round.


3-layer underlining

Just like the previously reviewed model, the Brilliant Super uses neoprene foam to give it a lighter touch through extra cushioning.

And this component also goes some way to providing the ball with a livelier bounce.

But this underlining wouldn’t mean much of anything if the stitching and surface texture wasn’t up to scratch.

The precision of hand-stitching enables the ball to have more stable flight patterns when airborne, whilst the textured surface offers more friction which makes in-game aspects like ball control and dribbling a more pleasant experience.


FIFA certified

There’s just so much to love about this ball.

This is because it has also managed to attain the highest possible FIFA quality rating for ball performance factors such as weight, bounce, water absorption and shape-stability.

Check out the image below for first hand evidence of this:


Video review

Get a clearer picture of this ball in action by watching the video that I’ve linked to below:


Colour choices and editions

Prosoective buyers are certainly in for a treat as the Brilliant Super range comes in a multitude of different colours and editions.

You can take your pick from the list of options below:


Other specifications

  • Zero-wing bladder
  • 32-panel design


  • Soft exterior panels
  • Great flight pattern when struck
  • Texture has a good level of grip which makes dribbling and ball control much easier
  • Expensive price which may put it out of reach for the budget-constrained


3. Select Royale Soccer Ball

The Select Royale Soccer Ball is one of the more recent models that the manufacturer has released, as it’s undergone a slight revamp for the start of the 2019-2020 soccer season.

Admittedly, I struggle to see any differentiating factors that make this ball stand out from its predecessors.

But take nothing away from that statement, because this is still a really great ball.

Firstly, it’s got a Japanese polyurethane outer covering of 1.8 millimetres that gives it great durability and puts it as a strong contender for being the match and training ball of choice amongst all sorts of players.

Now, 1.8 millimetres might not sound like a lot to you but for someone such as myself who’s reviewed several soccer balls in past articles, I’ll tell you that this ball has quite the thickness!

A ball this thick is greatly protected from the tears and abrasions that come as part of intensely competitive games

Select also favours hand-stitched craftmanship and that is the case here as the ball’s panels were firmly secured by hand to ensure the best balance of friction and flight control, as well as reinforce ball roundness.

Furthermore, the ball has the International Match Standard badge that I’ve already spoken briefly about, meaning it meets the strict ball quality standards set out by the world football governing body – FIFA.

Another plus – perhaps over the other reviewed models – is the flexibility when it comes to colour choices.

Prospective buyers will salivate at the options they have here, which consist of:

  • White and blue
  • White and red
  • White and green
  • White and maroon


Video review

Here’s a short clip that dates back to 2013 when the earlier version of the ball was in demand:


Other specifications

  • 32-panel count
  • Zero-wing latex bladder
  • NFHS® and NCAA® approved


  • Holds up well over time when used on most playing surfaces
  • Reasonable price point
  • Latex bladder means fairly regular inflation is needed


4. Select Bundesliga Derbystar Match Ball

SELECT Bundesliga Derbystar Match Ball
  • Top competition ball
  • Optimal, sustainable roundness and particularly hard-wearing
  • Precise flight behavior and lively jumping behavior

Germany’s highest soccer league division certainly gets a lot of eyeballs.

The Bundesliga is one of the most prestigious competitions that professional players could ask to play in, and the ball that SELECT have created for it is simply outstanding.

SELECT’s Derbystar soccer ball certainly pulls all the punches, as it’s approval by FIFA ensures that it performs to the highest quality standard.

It also features a zero-wing latex bladder just like the aforementioned Brilliant Super model, so you can rest assured that the ball will maintain an optimally round shape as well as have a very lively bounce.

Another great quality of this ball is the fact that it’s been hand-stitched together.

What this does is ensure the seams sit deeper within the inner structure of the ball, thereby lowering the likelihood of stitches tearing or becoming undone.


Other specifications

  • Ball diameter – 28 inches
  • Ball size – 5


  • Latex bladder gives the ball great bounce response
  • Textured surface for better aerodynamics and touch
  • Hand sewn construction provides it with extra durability
  • Packaging isn’t the most ideal for a soccer ball


You can also purchase this soccer ball on Pro, as they list the DerbyStar ball for a similar price.

You can also have a look at this Unisex version of the Bundesliga Derbystar on Amazon.

It’s well reviewed and the price point is more affordable.


Things to consider before buying a SELECT soccer ball

Just before you make the final decision on what Select soccer ball you’re going to buy, take a minute to read through some of the things you need to bear in mind.


Competition level

For starters, you’d be better off keeping things simple by opting for one of the more basic training balls like the Numero 10 – especially if you’re just a casual player.

At that novice level, the extra bells and whistles that make up a professional level ball won’t make much of a difference to your game.



At the end of the day, the amount of disposable income that you have will dictate the sort of soccer ball that you’ll be able to afford.



best select soccer balls - highly durable

Are you after a ball that will withstand the test of time, or are you content with something that will give you a little less mileage?

If you fall into the former category, the Select Royale Ball is a good fit because of the thickness of the outer material.

At 1.8 millimetres of outer polyurethane, this ball is a good candidate to withstand tears and rough abrasions that come as part of fiercely contested games.


What leagues use Select soccer balls?

Select have a solid international reputation.

Most impressively, they work in partnership with the Danish national team and supply their soccer balls to the Danish League as well as the Belgian, Portuguese, Norwegian, Finnish, Icelandic and Swedish leagues.

That’s a total of seven different leagues within Europe, and I haven’t even counted the tiers that fall under each of those.

What’s quite interesting is that they’ve also expanded their base to include the United States, with the USL Championship – a Division 2 league sanctioned by the United States Soccer Federation – being a major beneficiary.

Their territorial dominance doesn’t even stop there, because in 2020 the Singapore Premier League was the first soccer competition in the Asian region to use Select as an official match ball sponsor.


Are select soccer balls good?

All things considered; Select is a very good soccer ball brand.

Favouring hand-stitched construction, the manufacturer is able to use human precision to some of the highest quality soccer balls known to man.

In my honest view, they fully deserve all the plaudits that they attract.

And if I was to pick a winner out of the three, it would have to be the Select Numero 10 as you receive more or less the same performance benefits for a fraction of the price of the higher-priced Brilliant Super model.

Finally, before you go, you should check out our eBook on Soccer Ball Care.

Within this monster of a resource, we tackle all there is to know about looking after a soccer ball and maximising its useful life right from when you purchase this type of product.

This eBook covers a plethora of different topics, such as:

  • soccer ball construction;
  • inflation and pressure management;
  • cleaning and maintenance;
  • soccer ball storage; and
  • how to extend the useful life of your ball

In just a couple of hours, you’ll have more knowledge on what is good and bad for your soccer ball than you could ever fathom!

You’ll learn how to inflate your soccer ball to the correct level of air pressure based on the size of ball you have, as well as know how to clean and store your soccer ball properly after games.

But I don’t think there’s anything better than being able to effectively troubleshoot problems with your soccer ball and fix them yourself!

So, you can finally take care of your soccer ball for many months to come, which without a doubt will save you time and money as won’t be searching for and buying a replacement any time soon.

With just one click…

Grab yourself a copy right now for only $29!

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